Questions to Ask Students to Get to Know Them

Questions to Ask Students to Get to Know Them: Are you a new student, teacher, school administrator, or staff in a school and you are looking for some good questions to help you know students? Or do you want to break the ice with students?  In this article, we have taken the time and looked at questions to ask to get to know students. There are many ways you can figure out how to get to know students, but one of the sure ways is asking questions.

Questions to Ask Students to Get to Know Them

1. What is your preferred subject and why?

2. How do you make friends when in a new place?

3. Do you like field trips? How often should school field trips be arranged?

4. Have you ever been bullied in school? If yes, how did you deal with it?

questions to ask students to get to know them

5. Have you ever participated in any community service? What was the experience?

6. Who is your favorite writer and why?

7. What subjects should be added or crapped from the school curriculum?

8. Have you ever benefited from student leadership in school?

9. What is one thing you think you would compete well with other students?

10. Is there any area in your school life would you like to improve? Why?

11. Which song do you like?

12. Do you like movies? Which are your top 5 best-rated and favorite movies?

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13. What character in an individual do you consider weird?

14. If you had a chance to have a YouTube channel what would it be about?

15. Which social media platform are you in?

16. On social media, do you accept friendship requests from strangers?

17. Between tom and jerry whom would you like to be?

18. What flavor of ice cream is your favorite?

19. At what age would you like to move from home?    

20. Which is your favorite book?

21. Currently, what extracurricular activity are you involved in?

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Questions to Ask Students About Themselves

Getting to Know You Questions for Students

Below are questions to get to know students, these questions are excellent because they are all rounded as they look at both school life and life outside of school.

1. Do you think attending school is important? Give reasons

2. What is one thing you would abolish from school?

3. Who is your favorite television star?

4. What is the best school project you have ever participated in?

5. Do you think exams are important for learners?

6. In what ways would you like a teacher to support you outside a classroom setup?

7. What is the thing that inspires you in school?

8. Do you find it easy to make friends in school?

9. If you had a chance to choose a place for your summer vacation where would you visit?

10. What musical instrument would you like to learn?

11. How do you deal with stage flights?

12. At what age can 100 percent online learning be introduced?

13. Is homeschooling better than school-based learning?

14. What would you prefer: video games or actual games?

15. During your school election which campaign slogan was outstanding? Why? 

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Questions to Ask Students About Themselves

1. What exceptional skills would you like to have?

2. How do most people describe you?

3. In what ways would you change the lives of people around you?

Questions to Get to Know Students

4. What is the number rule in your life? Has it helped you?

5. Would you rather be rich and famous or rich and wise?

6. If you had an opportunity what ways would you keep the environment better?

7. What things would you currently donate to the needy?

8. What is one thing that annoys you in social media?

9. If you are to write a book what would it be about?

10. What do you admire most about your parents?

11. Which mobile application would you develop if allowed to do so?

12. What kind and affirmative words would you like to hear often?

13. Do you like the kind of friends you have? What attracts you to them?

14. Would rather live in an urban setup or a rural setup?

15. What makes you happy?

16. How do you appreciate the people in your life?

17. How do you let go of anger in your life?

18. What is the nicest thing you have ever done to a person?

19. Do you rate people based on looks or character?

20. Which school day is your favorite? Why do you like it so much?

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Questions to Get to Know Students

1. What is the most embarrassing thing you ever said in class?

2. Have you ever had a school crush? What is the silly thing you did in front of him or her?

3. What is the longest time you have overslept after snoozing your alarm in the morning?

4. Ever dozed in class only for the teacher to wake you up with a question you didn’t know where It came from? What was your response?

5. Ever been poked by a weird character on social media? How did you respond?

6. Ever had a running stomach in a class? What was the experience?

7. Have you ever laughed at a teacher’s joke, only to discover you are the only one laughing in the class?

8. What is the funniest meme of a teacher have you ever seen?

9. Do you find it funny when people laugh at their jokes once they realize no one else is laughing?

10. If you were to improve anything in your school, what are the three things would you change first?

11. Do you think favoritism occurs in schools?  How can it be dealt with?

12. What is one of the biggest secrets most students hide from their parents?

13. Do you like your school uniform? Would you change anything about it?

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Conclusion: Get to Know You Questions for Students

In schools, the above Get to Know You Questions for Students will enable you to know one or two things about the students. Both the teachers and students can use the question to break the ice or when initiating a conversation.