Debate Topics on Environment

Debate Topics on Environment: Coming up with some debatable environmental topics doesn’t have to be challenging. For each of the debating team to have sufficient points the topic should have both pros and cons. Below we have compiled a list of environmental debate topics that you go through and select one.

Debate Topics On Environment

1. Renewable energy cannot meet the global demand for energy.

2. Single-use plastics cause more harm to the environment than use of fossil fuels.

3. Economic development is more important than environmental conservation.

4. The extinction of indigenous plants is due to climate change and not human destruction.

5. The reduction of carbon emissions is more of a corporate role than a government role.

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6. Carbon taxes will lower the effect of climatic changes.

7. It should become mandatory for industrial companies to only use renewable energy.

8. Overconsumption is the major cause of increased environmental pollution.

9. Developed countries with the highest carbon emissions should be penalized for the adverse effects of climatic changes.

10. Environmental activism is not adequate in mitigating adverse climatic change.

11. Environmental pollution is the major cause of human illnesses.

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12. Animal Testing should be banned.

13. Paris environment is not sufficient to prevent climate change.

14. Animal zoos should be banned.

15. Zero waste is a policy that can be fully attainable.

16. Urbanization has negative effects on climate change.

17. Consumption of meat had adverse effects that consuming plant based diet.

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Final Thought

To have a meaningful and educative debate each team should do thorough research on issues such as climatic change, pollution, global warming, previous treaties signs in order to curb climate change, and many others.