County Secondary Schools in Kitui County

County Secondary Schools in Kitui County:  Today we are going to look at Secondary Schools in Kitui . These schools are public and they are funded by the government.  The majority of the schools are day and mixed.


County Secondary Schools in Kitui County

Muthue Secondary School                           Mixed Boarding

Kasaala Secondary School                            Mixed, boarding & day

Kavisuni Mixed day                                        Mixed day

Tiva Secondary School                                   Boarding Boys

St Mary’s Miambani sec                               Mixed Boarding

St Andrews Sec School-Ivaini                    Mixed Boarding

Mutini Secondary School                             Mixed Boarding

AIC Mutonguni Girls                                       Boarding Girls

Kalonzo Secondary School                                           Mixed Boarding

Kyuso girls’ Secondary School                    Boarding Girls

bridgit syomunyu girls secondary             Boarding Girls

Lower Yatta Girls                                            Boarding Girls

Kanyangi girls   Secondary School              Boarding Girls

Karma Boys Secondary School                   Boarding Boys

St John’s Kwa Mulungu Sec School          Mixed Boarding

AIC Ndaluni   Secondary School                 Mixed boarding and

Katoteni Secondary School                         Mixed boarding & day

Endau Secondary School                              Mixed Boarding

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Kyatune boys high school                            Boarding Boys

Ikanga boys Secondary School                  Boarding Boys

Ikanga Girls Secondary School                     Boarding Boys

Patricks Secondary School -Mutomo          Mixed Boarding

Mutomo mixed Secondary School            Mixed Boarding

Kyatune Girls Secondary School                Boarding Girls

Masavi Girls    Secondary School               Boarding Girls

Nzeluni Boys Secondary School                   Boarding Boys

Tsekuru secondary school                           Mixed Boarding

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