County Secondary Schools in Embu County

County Secondary Schools in Embu County: There are a good number of Secondary Schools in Embu County. Some of these schools were previously referred to as district schools. If your child has been admitted to one of the schools you can be assured they are better than a sub-county school.


County Secondary Schools in Embu County 

Gitare mixed sec school.                                Mixed Boarding Murithi.

SA Kyeni Girls.                                                     Boarding Girls.

Kiangungi Secondary School.                          Mixed day and boarding,

Gichiche Secondary School.                              Mixed Boarding.

John Kathunguri Secondary School.              Mixed day and boarding.

Mary Magdalene Girls-Thigingi.                      Boarding Girls.

Mary Goretti Girls Secondary-Rukuriri.          Boarding Girls.

St Peter’s Kathakwa Secondary School.           Boarding Girls and Mixed Day.

St Johns Kianjuki Secondary School.               Boarding Girls.

Joseph’s Secondary School M’tetu.                Mixed day and boarding.

Ack st Andrews Riandu sec school.                 Mixed Boarding.

ACK Gitii Secondary School.                              Mixed Boarding.

Karangare Secondary School.                           Mixed Boarding.

Kamarandi Secondary School.                          Mixed boarding and day.

St Thomas secondary School Kigwambiti.      Mixed Boarding.

St Michael’s Secondary School-Kyenire.         Mixed day and boarding.

The Arch Angels Kanyueri high School.           Mixed Day and Boarding.

Clare Girls Kangeta.                                               Boarding Girls.

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Ngenge Secondary School.                                  Mixed Day and Boarding.

Consolata girls Gitaraka.                                   Boarding Girls.

Kiamuringa Secondary School.                         Mixed Boarding.

Gategi Girls Secondary school.                       Boarding Girls.

Mbondoni secondary school.                          Mixed day /Boarding.

Queen of Peace Nembu Girls                         Mixed Boarding.

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