Extra County Secondary Schools in Kitui County

Extra County Secondary Schools in Kitui County: Kitui County has some of Kenya’s best Extra County Secondary schools. As you will note, most of these schools were previously classified as provincial schools. They range from schools in clusters 1, 2, and 3.

Extra County Secondary Schools in Kitui County

Cluster 1

School name                                                                   Type           Cluster

St Charles Lwanga School                                          Boys                C1

Angela’s Girls Secondary School                               Girls                C1

St.Monica Girls Mulutu Secondary School                Girls                C1

Mwingi Secondary School                                         Boys               C1

Mutomo Girls Secondary School                               Girls                C1

Kyuso Secondary School                                            Boys                C1

Mutonguni Secondary School                                    Boys               C1

Kyondoni Girls Secondary School                             Girls                C1

Migwani Secondary School                                        Boys               C1

Kyamboo Secondary School                                      Mixed              C1

Thitani Secondary School                                          Girls                C1

St Lukes Yatta Secondary School                              Boys               C1

Mulango Girls High School                                        Girls                C1

Maliku Girls’ Secondary School                                Girls                C1

Kisasi Secondary School                                            Boys                C1

Mbitini Girls’ Secondary School                               Girls                C1

Ikutha Boys Secondary School                                   Boys                C1

Matinyani Secondary School                                      Boys                C1


Cluster 2

A.I.C Sombe Girls Secondary School                        Girls                C2

Katheka Boys’ Secondary School                              Boys                C2

Yambyu Girls Secondary School                               Girls                C2

Teresa’s Ukasi Girls’ Secondary School                    Girls                C2

A I C Kyome Boys Secondary School                       Boys                C2

A I C Kyome Girls Secondary School                       Girls                C2

Nzauni Secondary School                                           Mixed              C2

Itoloni Girls Secondary School                                  Girls                C2

Musuani Secondary School                                        Mixed              C2

Nguutani Secondary School                                       Boys               C2

Nzeluni Girls Secondary School                               Girls                C2

Mutito Boys Secondary School                                  Boys                C2

Mary’s Mutito Girls Secondary School                      Girls                C2

Gankanga Secondary School                                      Mixed              C2

Ikutha Girls Secondary School                                   Girls                C2

St Ursula Girls’ Secondary School-Tungutu              Girls                C2

Waita Secondary School                                            Mixed              C2


Cluster 3

St Thomas Aquinas Kalawa Boys                              Boys                C3

Kimangao Girls Secondary School                            Girls                C3

St.Peter’s Nzambani Boys Secondary School            Boys                C3

Itoleka Secondary School                                           Girls                C3

Chuluni Girls’ Secondary School                               Girls                C3

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National Secondary schools in Kitui County

Muthale Girls High School

Kitui High

Best Girls School in Kitui County 

These are some of the top schools in Kitui county. several good girls’ schools in Kitui county and they include the following

Muthale Girls High School

St. Angela’s girls secondary school

St.Monica girls mulutu secondary school

Mutomo girls secondary school

Kyondoni girls secondary school

Thitani secondary school

Mulango girls high school

Maliku girls’ secondary school

Mbitini girls’ secondary school

Best Boys School in Kitui County

St Charles lwanga school

Mwingi secondary school

Kyuso secondary school

Mutonguni secondary school

Migwani secondary school

St Lukes yatta secondary school

Kisasi secondary school

Ikutha boys secondary school

Matinyani secondary school