County Secondary Schools in Machakos County

County Secondary Schools in Machakos County: We have listed all these schools to give you a glimpse of schools in Machakos county.

County Secondary Schools in Machakos County

Below are some County Secondary Schools in Machakos County.

Lukenya Girls Centre of Excellence                          Boarding Girls

Muthwani Secondary School                                      Mixed Day and Boarding(girls)

Machakos Kalama Mbuani Sec                               Mixed Boarding

Kalama Secondary School                                         Mixed Boarding

County Secondary Schools in Machakos County

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Muumandu Secondary School                                  Mixed day and boarding

Kyangala boys Secondary School                             Boarding Boys

KONZA ABC Secondary School                                    mixed day/boarding

Kyangala girls Secondary School                                Boarding Girls

mbukuni Secondary School                                          Mixed Boarding

Mang’auni Secondary School                                     Mixed Boarding

Kimutwa Secondary School                                         Mixed Boarding

Kyandili secondary school                                           Mixed Boarding

AIC Mbembani Secondary School                            Mixed Boarding

Kiuu mixed day secondary school                             Day

Martin’s kitwii secondary school                               Mixed Boarding

Kawethei S.A. Girls Secondary                                    Boarding Girls

AIC Manyatta Boys High School                                Boarding Boys

General Mulinge high school                                     Mixed Day and Boarding

kaani lions girls high school                                        Boarding Girls

Mitaboni boys’ high school                                        Boarding Boys

Kyanguli memorial secondary school                      Mixed, day and boarding

ABC Iveti Hills Secondary School                                Mixed Day and Boarding

Kwanthanze High school                                             Mixed Boarding

Muvuti High school                                                        Boarding Boys

Muindi Mbingu ABC high school                                Boarding Boys

Muvuti Girls Secondary School                                  Boarding Girls

Katelembo COE Boys High School                              Boarding Boys

Mikuini secondary school                                            Mixed Boarding

Mathauta mixed secondary School                          Mixed Boarding

Nzukini sec school                                                           Mixed day and boarding

Thatha Secondary school                                            Mixed Boarding

Ndithini secondary                                                         Mixed Boarding

Kivaa secondary school                                                 Mixed Boarding

Kithyoko secondary school                                          Mixed Boarding

Fr Heeran girls high school                                           Boarding Girls

Kinyui Boys high school                                                 Boarding Boys

Kiundwani secondary school                                      Mixed day /boarding

Ikalaasa secondary school                                           Mixed Boarding

Makutano sec school                                                     Boarding Boys

St catherine Lema Girls                                                 Boarding Girls

Aic kunikila                                                                        Mixed Boarding

Bishop ndingi high school                                             Mixed Boarding

Mbaikini boys high school                                           Boarding Boys

Kibauni secondary school                                            Mixed Boarding

Miu Boys’ Boarding secondary.                                  Boarding Boys

Mulu Mutisya secondary School                               Mixed Boarding

Kivandini Secondary                                                      Mixed Boarding

Ngumbulu Secondary School                                     Mixed Boarding

Good hope high school-kilaatu                                 Mixed day& boarding

Bishop Paul Mutua High School – Kinyaata           Mixed boarding/day

ABC makivenzi girls Secondary School                    Boarding Boys

Kithimani HGM Secondary                                          Mixed Boarding and Day

Ndalani sec school                                                         Mixed Boarding

Mavoloni secondary                                                      Mixed day & boarding

Katangi sec school                                                          Boarding Boys

Matur HGM memorial girls                                         Boarding Girls

Fr Makewa sec school                                                   Mixed boarding and day

Kiatineni ABC                                                                    Mixed Boarding