Airtel Rwanda USSD Codes, Contacts

Searching for Airtel Rwanda USSD Codes? USSD Codes are provided by the service provider to make work easier. You do not need to contact the customer care. Find Airtel Rwanda USSD Codes below All USSD codes – *456# – Customer Portal *131# – Balance *490# – Hello Tunes *130# – Recharge *138# – OneNetwork Recharge … Read more

Tigo Rwanda USSD Codes

Searching for Tigo Rwanda USSD Codes? Find Tigo Rwanda Short Codes and their functions. Tigo Rwanda USSD Codes *255# – Vuga Pack *132# – Tigo M2U *131# – Check Balance *325# – Tigo Facebook *130# – Recharge *444# – Tira Tigo Airtime *255# – Internet Pack *433# – Tira Tigo Vuga Pack *455# – Tira … Read more

MTN Rwanda USSD Codes

Find MTN Rwanda USSD Codes or MTN Rwanda Short Codes Below. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD are Quick Codes used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator’s computers. MTN Rwanda USSD Codes *182# – MTN Mobile money *140# – MTN Call Pack *151# – MTN Rahura *345*1# – Internet Daily Pack … Read more

Tpad | Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development

Tpad | Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development

Tpad (Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development) Pursuant to section 11 (f) and 35(i) of TSC Act 2012 the Commission is mandated to monitor the conduct and performance of teachers in the teaching service. In this regard the Commission has introduced an open Performance Appraisal System for teachers to strengthen supervision and to continuously monitor their … Read more

How to get your PUK Number Safaricom

How to get your PUK Number Safaricom: Sometime you might accidentally put your password wrongly more than the required number of times and your SIM card locks. If your SIM card has locked no need to worry. There is a way you can reset your password. Safaricom has made it possible for one to unlock … Read more

Zidisha Plus Voice Bundles

Zidisha Plus Voice bundles gives you affordable calling rates which can be purchased directly from *485#. It is best for those running  a small or medium sized business with up-to 30 employees and frequently make calls. Zidisha Plus Voice Bundles Voice Bundle Safaricom to Safaricom Calling Rate Per Minute (KSHs.) Safaricom to Other Networks Calling … Read more

Best Dog Trainers in Kenya

Best Dog Trainers in Kenya

Are you in need of a dog trainer? It yes, then today we are going to look at best dog trainers in Kenya. Dog training in Kenya has currently gained momentum as more people are becoming interested in acquiring well trained dogs. To train a dog one will require an understanding and ability to modify … Read more