Forests in Kenya

Forests in Kenya. Kenya is aiming to have a forest cover of 15 percent by the year 2022. Even with this aim in mind the country has been facing lots of challenges in achieving enough forest cover.

Forests in Kenya

Below is the list of forests in Kenya

Kakamega forest

Kakamega Forest is located in Kakamega County.  The forest is well known for bird watching and has a diverse species of plants.   As a tropical rainforest you will find over 50 species of ferns, 300 tree species and 60 types of orchids.

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Mau forest

Located in Rift valley, Mau Forest has been referred as one of the water catchment areas in Kenya. It is biggest indigenous forest in East Africa. The forest covers approximately 273,000 hectares and it’s the source for a number of big rivers such as Mara River, Njoro River, and Sondu River.

Forests in Kenya

Karura forest

Karura forest is forest within the city. Located in the north part of Nairobi County the forest has been a source of fresh air for the people surrounding the forest. Well renowned for its hiking activities, the forest has proven that forest will always benefit the community regardless of the location. The forest has approximately 15,000 thousand visitors per month. The Late Professor Wangari Mathai fought for the current existence of the forest when part of it was allocated for housing development.

Boni forest

Boni forest is a coastal forest that is rich in indigenous vegetation. The forest is in Lamu and its stretches all the way to Somalia boarder. As a result of this boarder, Boni forest has continually been used by terrorist groups to ambush and attack Kenyans in Lamu, and Garissa. The forest has indigenous trees and scrubs. It covers 1330 km squared.

Kaya forest

Kaya forest is one of the forests in Kenya that is associated with ritual rites. Located in the Coastal region, the forest is considered sacred by the Mijikenda community. To this community no visitors are allowed into the forest without their approval. The forest is divided into around 50 Kayas and each is approximately 30-300 hectares.

Menengai forest

Menengai crater in Nakuru County is actually surrounded by Menengai forest which covers around 7000 hectares but the area that is covered by the trees is only 2000 hectares. In addition to the animals, insects and birds the forest had over 160 plat species.

Cherangani forest

This forest is found in Cherangani hills and it’s approximated to be 1200 kilometers squares. As a water catchment area it is a source for Kerio River and Nzoia River and Turkwel River. It has 13 forest reserve which have been gazetted as forest areas as per the Kenyan law. This has prevented the forest from being located to individuals

Below is a list of forests in Kenya

Top 10 largest forests in Kenya

1. Mau forest-400,000 hectares

This is the largest forest in Kenya.

2. Mt Kenya Forest-213,082 hectare

3. Cherangani forest-114,000 hectare

4. Aberdares Forest Reserve-103,300 hectare

5. Embobut Forest-95,600 hectare

6. Ndoinet Forest-20,000 hectare

7. Kakamega-19,792.4 hectare

8. Menengai about-7,000 hectares

9. Kaptagat Forest-5,543.56 hectare

10. Ngong Forest-3,077.6 hectare


Forest in Nyanza

  • God Oogo forest

God Oogo forest is approximately 2.80 hectares and is located around 53 kilometre from Homa bay town. The forest is under the management of Kenya forestry service from 20th July 2017.

  • Ruri Hills Forest

Ruri Hills Forest is approximately 809.90 hectares situated and it is in Homa bay. The forest was also gazetted under the Forest conservation and management Act to be under Kenya Forestry Service

  • Got Okombo Forest

Got Okombo Forest approximately 8.23 hectares and it is situated in Homa bay

  • Rangwa hill forest
  • God Nyaingu forest
  • Koder hill forest
  • God Jope forest
  • Asego Hill forest
  • Nyasore forest
  • Mfangano forest
  • Gembe forest
  • Samanga Hill forest
  • Lugongo forest
  • Homa hills forest
  • Chabera forest

Forest in Western

This includes forest found in Kisii county

  • Insaria forest
  • Nyangweta Forest
  • Ndonyo Hill forest
  • Ngeri hill forest-
  • Ritumbe Forest

Forest in Central region

Includes forest found in Nyeri county, Muranga county and Nyandarua county

  • Mount Kenya forest
  • Aberdare Forest
  • Kikuyu Escarpment forest
  • Kipipiri Forest
  • South Laikipia forest
  • Ol-Bollossat forest
  • Muruai forest
  • Nyamweru forest
  • Kirima forest
  • Kijabe hill forest
  • Mugumo south forest
  • Kingatus forest
  • Mugumo north forest

 Forest in Rift Valley

  • Burnt forest
  • Marmanet forest
  • Kaptagat forest
  • Mau forest
  • Timboroa forest