Extra County Schools in Kericho County

Extra County Schools in Kericho County: There are many good Secondary Schools in Kericho County. Below are some of the well-known and best secondary schools in Kericho. If your child has gotten an admission letter to this school, you can be assured they will join a good school.

Extra County Schools in Kericho County

School Name     Type      Cluster

Kericho high school                                         boys      C1

Moi tea girls secondary school                   girls        C1

Tengecha boys high school                           boys      C1

Litein high school                                             boys      C1

Tengecha girls secondary school girls        C1

A.I.C  Litein girls secondary school             girls        C1

Kipkelion girls’ high                                         girls        C1

Sosiot girls’ secondary school                      girls        C1

Londiani boys secondary school                 boys      C1

Londiani girls’ secondary school                 girls        C1

Sacred hill girls’ high school – Londiani    girls        C1

Kericho tea secondary school                      boys      C2

Korongoi girls’ secondary                             girls        C2

Chelilis girls secondary school                     girls        C2

Cheptenye secondary school                      boys      C2

Soliat boys’ secondary school                     boys      C2

Moi kipsitet girls secondary school           girls        C2

Chebwagan secondary school                     boys      C3

Cheborge boys high school                           boys      C3

Kkaborok girls high school                            girls        C3

Chepkoton girls secondary school             girls        C3

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Best Secondary Schools in Kericho county

Looking for the top 10 best secondary schools in Kericho county? Well below is the list as per latest KCSE results

Rank      Name of School                 School Mean Score

1              Moi Tea Girls                      9.3

2              Kabianga School               8.99

3              Kipsigis Girls                       8.90

4              Litein High                           8.88

5              Tengecha Girls                   8.28

6              Tengecha Boys                  8.10

7              AIC Litein Girls                   8.10

8              Kericho High                       8.00

9              Sacred Heart Roret          8.00

10           Cheborge Boys                  7.583

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