County Secondary Schools in Busia County

County Secondary Schools in Busia County: Busia County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Busia, find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Busia County

School Code   Name of the School               Type

35601101            St Mathias Sec School                     Boys

35601102            Our Lady Of Mercy Girls                Girls

35606107            Sa Aboloi Secondary                       Mixed

35606202            St Josephs Kocholia                         Boys

35606203            St Thomas Amagoro Girls              Girls

35610102            John Osogo Sec.                                Boys

35610103            St. Cecilia Namenya                        Girls

35610106            St. Anne’s Bunyala Girls                 Girls

35620102            St. Marys Amukura Girls                Girls

35623101            Buhuyi Mixed                                    Mixed

35623103            Butula Girls                                         Girls

35623104            Lugulu A.C. Boys                               Boys

35623106            Bukhalalire Boys                               Boys

35623107            Bumutiru Mixed                               Mixed

35623108            Bujumba Boys                                    Boys

35623124            Bujumba Girls                                    Girls

35629104            St Thomas Aquinas Madende     Mixed

35629106            Malanga Sec Mixed                         Mixed

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