Independent Vs Dependent Variable Examples 

Independent Vs Dependent Variable Examples: Are you doing a research project or experimenting and do you want to know the difference between independent and dependent variables? Well, you cannot come up with good variables without understanding what are variables. Below we have looked at detailed information concerning these two variables.

Independent Vs Dependent Variable Examples

  1. Independent and Dependent Variables in Healthcare

Examples: The effect of administering drugs on cancer

Effects of social isolation on a child’s mental health and development

Independent variable – administering drug, child’s mental health and development

Dependent variable – the impact of the drug on cancer, social isolation

  1. Examples of Independent and Dependent Variables in Psychology

Impact of sleep on the learning process of a 10-year-old girl

The effect of Stressful experiences on occurrences one has headaches.

Independent variable: – Sleep, Stressful experiences

Dependent variable: – learning process, headaches

Examples of Independent and Dependent Variables in Psychology

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  1. Examples of Independent and Dependent Variables in Research Studies

Effects of eating a lot of energy-giving foods a day before participating in endurance activities

Impact of withholding affection on a rat’s ability to socially connect with other

Independent variable: Eating a lot of energy-giving foods, Withholding affection

Dependent variable: Endurance activity, socially connect 

  1. Examples of Independent and dependent variables in science

The effect of water temperature on the algae in water

Impact of caffeine on people’s appetites

Independent variable: water temperature, caffeine

Dependent variable: Algae, appetite

  1. Experiments with Independent and Dependent Variables Examples

Out of 100 individuals with depression, 50 got 8 weeks of counseling while

the other 50 were not given any counseling. At the end of the 8 weeks all 100 are

given psychological checks to assess their level of depression.

Independent variable: Counselling

Dependent variable: Level of depression

  1. Examples of Independent and Dependent Variables in Biology

The impact of direct sunlight on the growth rate of plants.

The effect of artificial fertilizer on soil fertility

Independent variable – the amount of direct sunlight, artificial fertilizer

Dependent variable – the growth rate of the plant, soil fertility

Examples of Independent and Dependent Variables in Research Studies

7. Independent and Dependent Variables in Biology

In a study of how different doses of a drug affect the severity of symptoms

Independent variable- is the dose

dependent variable -is the frequency/intensity of symptoms.

What is a variable?

In a simple definition, a variable is a factor, a feature, or an element that is likely to change or vary. In research, a variable is something that researchers study in an experiment or project. Experiments or projects contain at least, one independent variable and one dependent variable.

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Definition of Independent Variable

An Independent variable (often signified by x) is a variable whose variation is not determined or doesn’t depend on any other factor or element. Since it is not determined by others factors ii is the variable that is controlled in research.

Independent Vs Dependent Variable Examples 

Definition of Dependent Variable

The dependent variable is the measurable condition in any experiment, project, or research.  It is often signified by “y”. If you are conducting research you will measure the changes in the dependent variable every time the controlled or independent variable is changed. In other words, you will be assessing how y (responding/dependent variable) will respond to changes in the x(controlled/independent) variable)

How to Identify Independent Variables

As defined above, independent variables are not changed by other variables. They control another variable. For instance, someone’s age, air consumed, time, someone’s identity, temperature, rainfall, etc.

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How to Identify Dependent Variables

Identifying dependable variables is easy because you look at what variable is changing when the independent variable is altered.

Example: How to Identify Dependent and Independent Variables

Example 1: “Personal accident insurance cost increases with the number of traffic violations and accidents.”

Independent variable: Number of traffic violations and accidents (in this statement traffic violations and accidents are not dependent on any other variable)

Dependent variables: Personal accident insurance cost {Since the cost changes every time traffic violation accidents vary)

Conclusion: Independent Vs Dependent Variable Examples

From the above article, you can now understand what is a dependent variable in an experiment, dependent variable in science, or a dependent variable definition in psychology. In a research topic or study, you can easily identify an independent variable since it is the one that is changed or altered. For example, in the title “The effect of artificial fertilizer on soil fertility.” “The amount of fertilizer” is to be altered or changed hence it is the controlling or independent variable. The dependent variable is soil fertility which is affected by the amount of fertilizer. Once you understand this concept, it will so easy to identify these variables.

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