Phrase Preposition List

Phrase Preposition List: Are you looking for information about Phrase prepositions?  We have looked at vast information that will allow you to understand phrase prepositions and prepositional phrase examples. In addition, we have also looked at other types of prepositions for a better understanding of when and where to use certain types of prepositions.

What are prepositions?

Prepositions Definition: They are important words that are used before a noun, noun phrase, or pronoun to indicate a location, place, time, direction, or introduce an item. Without prepositions communication would be very difficult, that is why everyone needs to know how to use prepositions properly. For instance, it is grammatically correct to say “the cat is on the table” but a statement like “the cat is of the table” is grammatically wrong and someone may not comprehend the sentence.

How Many Prepositions are there?

Although the English language has many words, the ones categorized as prepositions are approximately 150.  There are different types of prepositions as discussed in this article.

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Phrasal Prepositions

Phrasal Prepositions are the type of prepositions that are formed by a combination of two or more words that act as a preposition. In other words, phrasal prepositions are made up of a simple preposition preceded by a word from any other different category, e.g. it could be an adverb, adjective, or conjunction.

The important note to always remember when it comes to Phrasal Prepositions is to have the right preposition combination. Often this is not an easy task, but the dictionary plays a vital role in confirming these prepositions.

Phrase Preposition List

According to   Ahead of         Along with

Apart from      Apologize for  As for

As to               Aside from      Because of

Bored with      But for             Capable of

Concerned about, with            Contrary to

Except for       In search of     Independent of

Instead of        Interested in    Next to

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Out of                Outlook on life          Prior to

Puzzled at, by    Similar to                  Thanks to

Up to                 Do away with            Look up to

Look down on   Put up with               Look forward to

For the rest of    For instance             From experience

List of Common Prepositional Phrases

Along with                  Apart from                  Because of

By means of                According to               In front of

Contrary to                  In spite of                    On account of

In reference to             In addition to              In regard to

Instead of                    On top of                     Out of

With regard to

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Prepositional Phrase Example

Examples of Prepositional Phrases in a sentence

Prepositional Phrase Example

He constantly did everything according to the rules.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

I didn’t like his business plan but I went along with it.

All the other rooms were empty apart from one in the corner.

There was a need to apologize for the mistake done.

I will take care of the baby, as for the dishes, you will look for someone else to clean them.

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Prepositional Phrase Examples Sentences

He was fine-looking, although I wouldn’t go so far as to call him attractive.

The company announced that we are not to make deals with anyone aside from our private investors.

The company went insolvent because of its poor management.

The race was tough enough for the runners contrary to previous experiences.

For the last 4 days, the patient hasn’t eaten a thing except for a few slices of bread.

I will visit my grandmother instead of watching the movie.

At the graduation ceremony, I sat next to my best friend.

He cannot meet you since he’s feeling out of spirits.

All Travelers must get a ticket prior to getting into the train.

Other types of prepositions

1. Simple Preposition

Simple prepositions are short and they are the commonest. They are used to define a relationship between nouns and pronouns or to join parts of a clause or sentence.

Examples of Simple Prepositions

list of prepositions

Simple Prepositions List: At, by, as, but, for, from, in, into, than, of, off, on, out, over, till, to, up, upon, with, under, down

Example of Simple Preposition

I am not going with you all.

The teacher is working in the staffroom.

He’ll be late for his flight.

She is playing on the sofa.

The acting of Debbie was so good.

2. Double Preposition

It is a combination of two Simple Prepositions that connects the Noun or Pronoun to other words in a sentence.

Example of Double Preposition

He is out of his mind.

The ball is in between the two coaches. 

3. Participle Preposition

These are participles that play the role of prepositions. It could be present participles (ending with -ing) and past participles (ending with-ed and -en). They are used as prepositions in place of Verbs.

Examples of Present Participle Prepositions        






Examples of Past Participles Prepositions






Examples of participle prepositions used in sentences

Barred from the club meeting, he threw away the club documents.

I will go to the park provided it is safe.

I was pleased given the fact that I got a great response from my team members.

Assuming the possibility delayed flight, she made special arrangements for an airport transfer.

4. Disguised Preposition

As the word indicates these are prepositions usually disguised as some other element in the word. Frequently these prepositions are disguised and majorly include “a” and “o” in sentences. 

Examples of Disguised Preposition

I get up at 6 o’clock. (‘o” of the clock)

Keep marching ahead. (“a” of the head)

John went aside. (“a” of the aside)  

5. Detached Preposition

Are prepositions that have been detached and found at the end of the sentence. These prepositions are disconnected from the interrogative or relative pronouns and adverbs.

Examples of Detached Preposition

I would like to know, where are you coming from?

Is that the place you are headed to?

For the sake of my sanity, I won’t stomach being screamed at.

6. Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time display the relationship of time between the nouns to the other parts of a sentence.

Examples of Prepositions of Time

Common preposition of time.

On       at         in

From    to         for

Since   ago      before

Till       until     by

Preposition of time list with examples

He is at school.

He came from Texas.

The thief broke into the car.

I live across the street.

7. Prepositions of Place and Direction

Below are Preposition list with Example 

Above             Across             After

Against            Along              Among

Around            At                    Behind

Below              Beside             Between

By                   Close to           Down

From                Into                 In front of

Inside              In                     Into

Near                Next to            Off

On                   Onto                Opposite

Out of              Outside           Over

Past                 Round             Through

To                    Towards          Under


 Examples of Prepositions of Place and Direction

He was sent up the mountain to raise the flag.

The baby’s doll is under the bed.

We run towards the forest.

I came to you when I needed a friend.

You shouldn’t walk through that street at night.

It is fun sitting around the fire on a campout.

The thug jumped over the wooden gate.

Can we go outside?

The hospital is opposite our church.

We should get on stage.

Our office is beside the supermarket.

The dessert was served after everyone got into the room.

Across the bridge lies a hotel.


Conclusion: Phrase Preposition List

Prepositional phrases are governed by more than one word. In other words, they can govern any words that adjust or describe the object of the preposition.