Extra County Schools in Kisii County

Extra County Schools in Kisii County: You will find many good schools in Kisii County. Below is a list of extra schools funded and managed by the government. These public schools were previously referred to as provincial schools and others were on the list of district schools. These schools are either in clusters 1,2 or 3.

Extra County Schools in Kisii County

Centre Code       Name of School           Type

40703102            Nyanchwa Boys                 Boys

40703103            Kereri Girls                          Girls

40703118            Nyanchwa Girls                 Girls

40703403            Nyamagwa S.D.A              Mixed

40711101            St Angela Sengera            Girls

40716101            Elck Itierio Boys                 Boys

40716102            St Peters Suneka Sec       Girls

40716103            St Pauls Igonga Sec          Boys

40716118            Elck Itierio Girls                 Girls

40716119            St Anns Nyangoge Girls Girls

40716122            B.C.M.Nyamokenye Sec Mixed

40719101            Nduru Boys High               Boys

40719103            St. Joseph’s Nyabigena Boys

40719107            Nduru Girls High               Girls

40719301            Tabaka Boys High             Boys

40723201            Itibo Boys                            Boys

40723203            Itibo Girls                             Girls

40727101            Riokindo Boys                    Boys

40732114            Nyamache Boys                Boys

40732206            Nyangusu Girls                  Girls

40735101            Moi Gesusu High Sc         Boys

40735201            St.Charles Ichuni Girls     Girls

40740101            St. Johns Nyamagwa       Boys

40740102            Sameta Boys                      Boys

40740104            St. Mary’s Nyamagwa     Girls

40745101            Cardinal Otunga                Boys

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Best Schools in Kisii County

Kisii School

Pope Benedict Seminary

Nyabururu Girls

Nyamagwa S.D.A

Nyabigena Sec

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