County Secondary Schools in Kisii County

County Secondary Schools in Kisii County: In Kisii County, there are a number of good Secondary Schools funded and approved by the Ministry of Education. If you are interested in knowing the schools that are in Bungoma county below is a comprehensive list of County Secondary Schools in Siaya County.

County Secondary Schools in Kisii County

Centre Code      Name of School                Type

40703301            Otamba Girls                      Girls

40703304            S C M N Kegati                   Mixed

40703401            St. Paul’s Amasago           Boys

40703406            Riondong’a                         Mixed

40711102            Gakero Elck                         Mixed

40711105            Nyamonyo                          Mixed

40711108            Tendere Boys                    Boys

40716104            Ekerubo Sec                        Mixed

40716105            St Vincent Omwari Sec   Mixed

40716107            Iruma Sec                            Mixed

40716109            Gesero Sec                          Mixed

40716110            Isamwera Sec                     Mixed

40716112            Botoro Elck Sec                 Mixed

40716115            Kiabusure Sec                    Mixed

40716117            Itibo Elck Sec                      Mixed

40716131            Rianyabaro Coe                 Mixed

40719102            Riosiri Sec                            Mixed

40719104            Kiabigoria Elck                   Mixed

40723101            Marani Girls                        Girls

40723102            Nyakeiri Sec                        Boys

40727104            Riokindo Girls                    Girls

40727105            Mokubo Mixed                 Mixed

40727107            Nyabiore Girls                    Girls

40727116            Moteiribe                            Mixed

40727122            Omobera Girls                   Girls

40727127            Nyakoiba                             Mixed

40727132            Nyabioto                              Mixed

40727202            Magena Boys                     Boys

40727204            Nyamesocho Boys           Boys

40727211            Magena Girls                      Girls

40732105            Gionseri Girls                     Girls

40732120            Nyabisase                            Mixed

40732129            Riambase                             Mixed

40732218            Isena Mission Girls           Girls

40735104            Nyanturago Sec                 Mixed

40735203            Ibacho High School          Mixed

40735206            Mobamba Sec                    Mixed

40740103            Boitang’are                         Mixed

40740105            Bishop Mugendi               Mixed

40745102            St.Clare Kioge Girls          Girls

40745103             Nyatieko                              Mixed

40747103            Nyangweta Sda                 Mixed

40747301            Monianku                            Mixed

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