Extra County Schools in Bungoma County

Extra County Schools in Bungoma County: In Bungoma County, you will find many good schools. Below list is a of extra schools that are funded and managed by the government. These public schools were previously referred to as provincial schools and others were on the list of district schools. The schools are either in clusters 1,2 or 3.

Extra County Schools in Bungoma County

Centre Code      Name of School                                Type

36602101            Bungoma High School                       Boys

36602102            Kibabii High School                          Boys

36602103            Cardinal Otunga Girls                      Girls

36605101            Kapsokwony High                             Boys

36605103            Kibuk Girls                                           Girls

36612201            Teremi Boys High School               Boys

36612203            Chebukaka Girls                                Girls

36613105            St.Cecilia Girls Misikhu                   Girls

36613115            Ndivisi Girls                                         Girls

36621101            Chesamisi Boys’ High School        Boys

36621102            Kamusinde Boys’ High School      Boys

36621108            Moi Girls’ High Kamusinga            Girls

36621110            St. Luke’s Boys’ High Kimilili         Boys

36626101            Chwele Girls                                       Girls

36626205            A C Butonge High Sch                     Boys

36628101            Khasoko High School                       Boys

36635002            Friends School Bokoli                      Boys

36635006            Namawanga Girls                             Girls

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Best Secondary School in Bungoma County

Friends School Kamusinga Boys

Lugulu Girls

Cardinal Otunga Girls

Kibabii High School

Moi Girls’ High Kamusinga

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