Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

Best Paying Jobs in Kenya: A recent survey in Kenya indicated that the majority of Kenyans in formal employment are underpaid.

Kenyan public wage bill is one of the highest in the world, but the amazing thing is that only a small number of people get a bigger share of the income.

To try and bridge the gap between the employment incomes every year the government tries to try raise the minimum wage for lower-income earners and lower the income for highly paid public servants. However, even in the midst of poor payment there are still professions who are paid well. Today we look at Kenya’s best paying jobs.

Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

  1. Medicine

Doctors are among the best paid in Kenya. Currently after the enactment of the new CBA in 2017 a fresh graduate doctor get at least Kenya shillings 320,000 and the highest paid doctor gets 946,000. The good thing about medicine currently is that with adequate resource and average performance students can now pursue the course through a parallel program. The other good thing about medicine is that chances of getting employment are higher. Medical interns get paid during their internship program and their pay is even higher compared to other qualified professionals

  1. Financial analyst

Financial analysis and consultancy are among the Kenya’s best paying jobs. A good look in the job vacancy advertisement for the above position will normally offer over Kenya shillings 100,000/= for a qualified person. Financial analyst offer important financial advice to the business hence recruiting one will also mean that the company must be willing to offer fair compensation. For all the students wishing to advance their career in the finance, financial analysis and consultancy may just become your specialty.

  1. Actuaries

Another Kenya’s best paying job is being an Actuary. Many actuaries are majorly employed in the insurance industry. On average a well experienced actuary gets Kenya shillings 300,000.

In Kenyan politics is considered as one the best paying career. Below is the expected salary for our Kenyan politician per month

Member of county assembly             Kshs 144,375

Member of Parliament                       Kshs 621,250

Woman representative                       Kshs 621,250

Senator                                                Kshs 621,250

Deputy Governor-                               Kshs 621,250

Governor                                             Kshs 924,000

Vice president                                     Kshs 1,400,000

President                                             Kshs 1,650,000

Not only are elected politicians among the best pad also included in the list is the political related careers and firms like political analyst, political researchers, political advisors etc.

  1. Pilot/ Aviation Industry.

Pilots in Kenya are also among the best paid professionals. The reason why there are few pilots in Kenya is because the cost of training is very high. Even though the number Aviation colleges have increased the numbers of Kenyans who can afford the cost are very few. Generally having few pilots means they are paid more. A well experienced pilot roughly takes home Kshs 1 million while a less experienced may take home around Kshs 400,0000/= per month.

  1. Media personality.

As result of their influence in the society some media personality earns a lot of income. Media personality like news anchor and radio presenters can earn even one million shillings per month depending on the audience they have in their show.

  1. Information Technology gurus

Information technology is a field that is dynamic and depending on one’s specialty the income can go up to Kshs 450,000 per month. Experts in cyber security, system development, application development are among the top sought after professionals in technology. Currently many organizations are adopting online platforms and this will make the filed even more marketable.

  1. Contractors/Suppliers

Contractors/suppliers in Kenya are another group of high income earners. Government contractors and suppliers enjoy majority of the income collected from the tax payers. For instances a road contractor will be paid millions of shillings construct a road less than 10 kilometers.

To have a career on the list of Kenya’s best paying jobs one will need to consider their interest and ability. The above list does not limit the amount of income one can make. There are others field where Kenyans have made it. The only importance thing is to understanding the market. Across the world, business people form the top list of richest people. Professional are not necessarily the richest so as long something works out for you, follow your dream.