Easy Degrees That Pay Well

Easy Degrees That Pay Well: Recently an interesting topic about Easy Degrees That Pay Well has been on the rise. There is no objective way to gauge whether a degree is easy or difficult. However, there are certain factors that one can consider such as the number of study hours, entry requirement, and the dropout rate to determine if a major is easy or difficult. There are other factors such as interest and experience that may also make one major be difficult for one person, yet easy for another. Just because a major is considered easy doesn’t mean it is less important than one that is considered difficult. For instance, a major in social science is equally important as the STEM majors. If you are interested in STEM majors don’t choose literature or psychology just because it may be considered easy.

We have listed the easiest college majors that pay well hoping that you will find one based on your interest.

Easy Degrees That Pay Well

Easy Degrees That Pay Well

  1. Marketing

A degree in marketing is one of the best Easy Degrees that pay well. To complete the degree takes three to four years. In this field, some of the degrees offered include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing, Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing.  Some of the core units in Marketing include marketing Principles, communication, Economics, work psychology, consumer behavior, Finance, and Management, etc.

At end of your course, you will be able to develop and sell products based on your customer survey. Additionally, you will be able to develop marketing strategies, promotional services, research on customer satisfaction, etc.

Reasons why Marketing is an Easy Degrees That Pay Well

There are several reasons that make this course less difficult, first, it demands less of your time compared to other courses like Architecture or engineering. On average your study time per week will be approximately 11 hours. Another benefit is that this major will give you a wide channel to vast career opportunities. You could work as a marketer, advertising expert, consultant in marketing, public relations officer, etc. On average graduate in marketing gets a salary of $ 56,300, once one gets enough experience the salary goes up.

Marketing-related jobs                     Pay per year

Marketing Director                             $78,100

Marketing Specialist                          $58,000

Online Marketer                                 $60,900

Digital Marketer                                 $60,900

Advertising account manager          $50,800


  1. Procurement and Supplies Chain management

Is a degree in Procurement and Supplies Chain management worth the time?  Well, the answer lies in the importance of this course. First, in every organization Procurement department is very important, it ensures the profitability and sustainability of a company. To meet demand, you must have timely delivery of raw material, reliable supplier, and cost-effective procedure to ensure supplies get on time. Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management is a degree designed to prepare individuals and professionals to gain knowledge and skills in streamlining the procurement costs, reducing procurement cost, being able to select the right supplier in addition to many other roles.

Some of the topics one will cover include Principles of Negotiations, Public Procurement, Stores Management, and Stock Control, Purchasing and Supply Law, International Purchasing and Supply Management, Principles of Logistics Management, etc. Compared to topics in other degrees, a degree in procurement is one of the average demanding degrees. Once you graduate you could end up becoming a logistician, procurement officer, or manager. 

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Reasons why Procurement and Supplies Chain Management is an Easy Degrees That Pay Well?

For further review, we are going to highlight reasons why you may consider pursuing this major. First, the salary ranges between $59000 -95000, compared to a high demanding degree like Architecture where a graduate earns between $62,600 -105,000 (Best jobs by US News), a major in procurement will not be worse off. Another important fact to consider is the job demand. A simple look at Glassdoor indicates a good number of open vacancies and the expected job growth is improving as more and more companies are seeing the importance of having a dependable supply chain process.

Procurement and Supplies Chain management jobs   Pay per year

Procurement Director                                                                         $114,000

Supply Chain Manager                                                                       $91,090

Supply Chain Coordinator                                                                  $91,000

Procurement Coordinator                                                                   $76,000

Supply Chain Analyst                                                                            $72,178 


  1. Human Resources

Should I spend my four years pursuing a degree in human resources if I want something that is easy but pays well? Do you want to be among the 6800 people who graduate every year with this degree? Well, there are many reasons why you would consider a human resource major and we are going to look at several.

Reasons why Human Resources is one of the Easy Degrees That Pay Well?

First, to pursue you must love working with people since you will end up managing the most important aspect of a company, its employee. The important aspect of every easy degree is

that pays well is the amount of income you get from it. To be specific on average a human resource assistant gets a yearly income of $ 40,225 while a director in human resources can get an average of $ 90,300. once you graduate you can expect to make between 45,000 to 74,000 per year. Compares to a low-paying degree in hospitality where a fresh graduate gets around $ 24400, a human resource degree is better.

There are several human resource management career options you can get into including Human resources assistant, Compensation specialist, Benefits administrator, Payroll specialist, Training coordinator, etc. For someone who loves interacting with people, this human resource major can lead to a satisfying career.

Human Resources jobs                     Pay per year

Human Resources Director                 $90,400

Compensation specialist                     $70,900

Payroll specialist                                 $61,200

Human Resources officer                   $59,000


  1. Criminal Justice Major

In addition to interest and passion, one of the things that you should consider when selecting an easy degree that pays well is by determining whether the skills developed by the end of the program are in demand or not. A major that leads to a career that has prospective growth will be more suitable regardless of the field. Over the years Criminal justice degrees are in reality in high demand. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice will lead to an exciting career that ensures the safety of the country. As per The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the expected job growth by the year 2026 is 7 percent. Further, a 17 percent job growth is expected in forensic science. Some of the careers you can pursue include

Criminal Justice related jobs           Pay per year


Detectives                                               $86,940

Criminal Investigator                          $94,979

Security Manager                                $67,000-$94,000

Police Detective                                  $63,500

Easiest College Majors that Pay Well

  1. Finance and Accounting

For anyone who loves mathematics and finances, the suitable degree that can be easy and it pays well is finance. A career in finance and accounting is promising because you can work as a Financial analyst, commercial banker, investment analyst, accountant, auditor, etc. Not only is the salary range good, but demand for accountants is also expected to grow 7% from 2020 to 2030. Additionally, approximately in the US, about 135,000 openings for accountants and auditors are projected each year. These vacancies are as a result of a need to fill positions where accountants go to other professions, growth of new or existing companies, or those professionals who are retiring. Compared to an electrical engineer who earns roughly $ 90,000, the 2020 average pay for accountants in the US was $ 73,560 (from the US Bureau of Statistics) which is not bad considering the less demanding hours of study it takes for both courses.

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Finance/accounting related jobs                  Pay per year

Finance Manager                                            $134,000

Accounting manager                                       $78,000

Investment analyst                                          $71,500

Finance Associate                                           $68,449

Finance Analyst                                              $67,500

Bank Officer                                                   $64,700

Auditor                                                            $61,400

Accountant                                                     $55,800


Easiest College Majors that Pay Well


  1. Information technology

If computers excite you, then you can consider studying Information technology. This major allows you to concentrate on Computers, networks, and systems. In every organization computers, systems and networks must be set up, administered, and maintained. As a result, competent individuals are hired to do these tasks. Some of the jobs in information technology include:

IT-related jobs                                                           Pay per year

Information Technology Vice President                    $157,000

Database Administrator                                              $87,200

Computer Systems Analyst                                        $70,200

Web Developer                                                           $67,300

Network and Computer Systems Administrator        $66,992

Information Technology Specialist                            $52,285

From the above list, you can see that jobs in IT pay well, the pay becomes better as one gains experience.

  1. Economics

The good thing about economics is that if you love analyzing data, researching trends and data you will do well in this major. For someone who loves but fears mathematics, economics can be one of your best way to handle your fear.  Economics is one of the majors that can allow me to work independently or still get a job in the public or private sector. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics between 2020 to 2030, the employment rate for economists is expected to grow by 13 percent. In fact, this is the highest growth rate compared to all other occupations. In other words, approximately 1,600 job openings for economists are anticipated each year.

A career in Economics                  Pay per year

Economist                                               $105,978

Economic consultant                          $80,780

Policy Analyst                                       $76,325

Financial planner                                $71,526

Data analyst                                         $64,756


  1. Fashion Designers

If you find joy in designing create clothing, accessories, and footwear, the easy major that you get into and get well paid is fashion design. The interesting thing about this career is that as long as you are good at what you do, there are higher chances of becoming self-employed and building your clientele. In addition, Fashion designers also work in clothing manufacturing establishments, playhouses or dance companies, and design firms.

Careers in Economics                    Pay per year

Design director                                   $99,250

Senior designer                                   $$78,300

Technical designer                              $61,700

Fashion design                                    $55,300


  1. Education

Another easy degree that will lead to a higher-paying career in education. A degree in education is better compared to those in tourism and recreation. Not only will you have the chance to interact with young minds, you will also have an opportunity to impact others and share information.  Some of the majors in education include Special Education, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education.

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Careers in Education                         Pay per year

Executive Director                              $107,680

Director of Education                         $84,931-107600

Elementary Assistant Principal          7$4,875 -98,000

High School Teacher                          $62,870

Special Education Teacher                 $61,420

Middle School Teacher                       $60,810


  1. Psychology

Why is psychology a good major?

Not only is a degree in psychology easier compared to others like medicine and surgery, but it also leads to a high-paying career.  A psychology major is a decent choice for learners who desire to work with people. This major will help you understand human behavior and mental processes, skills that are vital in the present world where mental health issues are on the rise.

In addition, a psychologist is often open-minded, is a critical thinker, and has a better way of solving problems. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the overall employment of psychologists is expected to grow by 8 percent from 2020 – 2030.  Yearly, approximately 13,400 openings for psychologists are predictable.

Careers in Psychology Major                      Pay per year

Educational psychologists                              $93,400

Counseling psychologists                               $78,000

Forensic psychologists                                    $79,200


11. History

Why major in history is one of the easy degrees that pay well?

Well, the answer lies in the importance of the subject. History is vital in revealing how humanity has survived over the centuries. The benefit of History Major is that it develops critical thinking needed to develop solutions to current problems based on practical lessons in history. History major involves wide reading and writing, to choose it you must like these two activities.

Careers in History                 Pay per year

Historian                                     $78,149

Archivist                                     $57,484

High School Teacher               $59K-$61K

Museum Technician                $45K-$56K


Conclusion: Easy Degree that pays well

The above list of easy degrees that make good money does not mean it is decisive. Depending on ones interest and knowledge, a degree that is not mentioned above could be easy and still be well paying. However, based on our research and study of job market trends below are degrees which came out as the easy degrees that pay good.

  1. Marketing
  2. Procurement and Supplies Chain management
  3. Human Resources
  4. Criminal Justice
  5. Finance and Accounting
  6. Information technology
  7. Economics
  8. Fashion Designers
  9. Education
  10. Psychology
  11. History Major

Your investment in education should be carefully done. The four or so years you will spend pursuing your college major or degree will to some extent influence the choices you will make. It is not worth getting into a student loan if the college degree you are getting into will not boost your future expected income. As stated earlier there is no degree that is easy, but depending on one interest a certain course may be easy just because one finds the topics interesting. The above easy degrees that pay well are neither fully inclusive nor it limiting the other course that may be easy yet they pay well. Ensure to do all the necessary research like expected career growth, job satisfaction, expected future career advancement, and the expected job trends in any career before you get into it.