Best Online Coding Bootcamp for Job Placement

Best Online Coding Bootcamp for Job Placement: For the past several years experts in coding have been getting unending job offers due to the demand for their skills. In different parts of the world, the need for software engineers is still growing.

If you are interested in learning Coding, there are numerous opportunities for you to do so. One of the most convenient is the online coding Bootcamp. To help you gather enough knowledge on what exactly an online boot camp will offer, we have compiled the best information for you.

As we look at the top online coding Bootcamp, we have also looked at what you should consider when selecting such schools.

Best Online Coding Bootcamp for Job Placement

1. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo is one of the top online Bootcamps.  Its coding program features competitive features like MERN, Python, and Java. It is also among the oldest Bootcamp as it was founded in 2012 and has trained more than 8000 graduates.

Best Online Coding Bootcamp

Why Choose Coding Dojo

  • They allow you to access their career services, hence you will be able to use their platform even after you graduate.
  • Offer various competitive programs like UI/UX design courses, cybersecurity, data science, and software development
  • In 2020, the Job placement rate was 83.8 percent for the first 6 months after graduating.
  • You can enroll in either full-time or part-time Bootcamp

Course Duration and Cost

14 weeks full time

Cost: $15,995

2. Flatiron School

The next Best Online Coding Bootcamps we are going to look at is Flatiron School. As you invest your time and money in this Bootcamp, you can be assured of getting current in-demand courses such as software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, or product design courses.

With flexible learning options, you can get into the 15 weeks full-time course or a part-time schedule course that takes a durations of 20,40 to 60 weeks

Why Choose Flatiron School

  • Their graduates have a 86 % job placement rate with a starting salary of $ 75,000
  • Has 10 years of experience producing talented graduates who work in companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more
  • Has earned Career Karma awards for best coding Bootcamp, Best data science Bootcamp, and best online Bootcamp

Course Duration:

15 weeks (20, 40, or 60 weeks possible)

Cost: $16,900

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Best Online Coding School

3. Codesmith

Another top-rated online Bootcamp is Codesmith. Its exceptional training ability has made this Bootcamp receive positive reviews from internationally recognized brands like Forbes, The Newyork Times, and many others.

Codesmith offers full and part-time immersive online classes to prepare students for careers in software engineering, software development, and machine learning.

If you are a beginner you have no reason to worry as this Bootcamp also provides lots of beginner courses in Javascript, CSX, and CS. These courses will prepare you for more in-depth coding education.

Why Choose Codesmith

  • The median starting salaries for their graduate are higher than most Bootcamps’
  • Have personalized payment plans
  • They have a scholarship fund to support students who find it extremely difficult to find funding for the course.

Course Duration and Cost

Full-time 12 weeks

Part-time 38 weeks 

Best Coding Bootcamp Online

4. Hack Reactor

Another top online Bootcamp that has been in operation since 2012 is Hack Reactor. Over the years Hack Reactor has trained over 8,000 top-notch software engineers who have been hired by some of the best companies in the world.

They give you the option of 12 weeks of part-time classes where you can still learn to code and retain your job. Additionally, you can enroll in a full-time simulated Bootcamp coding class that runs for 9 weeks

Why Choose Hack Reactor

  • Their Galvanize Income Share Agreement allows students to defer tuition payment (after a $100 deposit) until they’re making at least $60k/year
  • Their training simulates a real-world software environment for their student
  • Join over 7000 alumni, 97 are already working at Google
  • Has been rated best coding Bootcamp by Course report, Switchup, and Career Karma

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5. General Assembly

Another best online boot camp that can get you ahead with expert-led training in coding is General Assembly. With their flexible schedule, you can be able to learn to code anytime and anywhere in the world.

General Assembly Bootcamp offers several courses from software engineering to UX design to front-end web development, assembling the learning program that best simply suits your needs.

Why Choose General Assembly

  • Has flexible schedules on various campuses across the US.
  • they have several tuition payment plans including a catalyst program where you learn and pay later after you are hired

Course Duration and Cost

Duration: 12 weeks and 24 weeks part-time

Cost: $14,950

6. CareerFoundry

This is also another best online coding Bootcamp. Unlike some Bootcamp that had to adjust to the online program after Covid 19 restrictions, CareerFoundry had online sessions from day one of its inceptions.

Why choose CareerFoundry

  • Has several training options including Data Analytics, Web Development, UI Design, UX Design, and digital marketing.
  • They guarantee that you’ll get a job within 6 months of graduating. If that is not the case they will refund the cost of your program.
  • Online programs with a flexible pace
  • Work with mentors
  • Offers free short courses for you to try their training mode

 Duration and Cost

16 weeks/ up to 28 weeks part-time

Cost: $7,900 / €6,900

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7. App Academy

App Academy started in 2012, and it is another Best Top Coding School. It is located in San Francisco and has seen the successful graduation of 4500 students. It’s one of the best online Bootcamp to learn software engineering, as it has won several awards for its exceptional training. One such award is Switchup’s best coding Bootcamps in 2022. Their graduates have been hired in approximately 2000 companies worldwide.

They have online full-time and online part-time sessions to ensure all your learning needs are met.

Why Choose App Academy

  • Since 2013 they have had a deferred tuition model that allows you to learn to code and then pay the tuition fee after you get a job.
  • In 2019 their Job placement rate was 94 percent.
  • Has both full-time and part-time sessions.
  • Higher rate of getting a placing at high-performing companies like Google and Netflix

Course Duration

24 weeks full time

8. Fullstack Academy

If you are looking for a reliable online coding Bootcamp, Fullstack Academy should be on your list as one of the preferred Bootcamp. They offer some training in Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Javascript. Their schedules are flexible as they have full-time and part-time coding online lessons.

This top online Bootcamp has also won several awards from Switchup and Course Report

Why Choose App Academy

  • Has a 4.9-star rating from student
  • 91 percent job placement rate in 2019
  • 5500 successful graduates

Course duration and cost

Duration: 17 weeks -28 weeks

Cost: $17,910

9. DevMountain

Are you looking for the best way to reinvent your career by enrolling in Java, Python, and web development courses? If you have such an interest, DevMountain is also another outstanding online coding Bootcamp. Both their online and in-class courses are engaging and you will get enough career support from the best instructors.

Why Choose DevMountain

  • They have a short Coding Basics course, that can give you a preview of the real coding class for an affordable fee of  $49
  • Some of their courses are eligible for transfer to many different colleges and universities
  • They offer housing at no extra course to full-time in-person Bootcamp

Course Duration and Cost

Cost $7900

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Coding Bootcamps

1. What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Coding Bootcamps are rigorous programs that teach one how to code. The first Bootcamp started in 2011 when one individual posted an offer to show 6 people to code. Since then Bootcamps have been coming up over the years and in 2020 it is approximated that the estimated total number of coding Bootcamp graduates were 50,137. Out of these number 9,356 students attended the Bootcamps in person, 15,619 online students, and 25,162 corporate training graduates.

An online coding Bootcamp offers the training online. There is less physical interaction between the trainer and the student.

2. How is the training in Bootcamps?

First, you begin by making an application for the specific Bootcamp you want. Once you have enrolled the training will be intensive and you start with 50-150 hours of pre-work. This means that for full-time training you have to drop all the other roles and activities if you want to learn coding through the intensive Bootcamp program.

The class ranges from 3-6 months and the learning hours per week are 40 to 80. The programs covered include Ruby on Rails, Python, .NET, JavaScript, iOS

3. What to consider when selecting an online coding Bootcamp

If you prefer an online Bootcamp to an in-class Bootcamp, there are several factors that you should consider. They include the following

  • Training platform

Since online classes include a virtual classroom it is important to have a look at Bootcamp’s online training platform.  You don’t want a platform that is less accessible or has unexpected interruptions. Have a look at the sample of their recorded online courses.

Make sure it’s more convenient, some boot camps have developed their integrated learning platforms while others still use online platforms like Zoom. In most cases, an institution’s learning platform has more advantages compared to an external platform.

  • Online Educational support

The best thing about online classes is that you have the option to decide at what time to learn. Since learning to code is engaging you will need to know how often is support provided. At the beginning of the course, more support may be needed compared to when the course is at an advanced level.

Take time and know at what interval you can access support. Some may offer support during official working hours, others may offer weekly hours of support while others may avail support on demand.

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  • Tuition fee

It is important to note that Coding Bootcamps can either be part-time or online. Currently, your Bootcamp tuition can be funded by self, employer, or through a student loan. On average the tuition fee is $ 11,874.

You must look at the cost of training before settling down on the specific Bootcamp. You don’t want to invest your time and energy in a program that will leave you financially drained to even finish the course. Some Bootcamps allow for a payment plan while others liaise with other organizations to offer scholarships to students.

  • Research on Job placement rate

This is a very important aspect when you are looking for an online Bootcamp. How valuable are the skills you want to learn? Look for a Bootcamp that will provide you with career development and mentoring program that allows you to get a job in the shortest time possible.

It is good to note that some online coding Bootcamps offer a job surety where, if you don’t find a position in the field within a certain period post-graduation, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund of the fees paid.

4. Which online Bootcamps offer the best coding programs

There is a good number of best online Bootcamps but based on our research we have listed below as the best.

  • Flatiron School
  • Coding Dojo
  • Hack Reactor
  • General Assembly
  • Codesmith

 5. Which online Coding Bootcamp allows you to learn for free then pay after getting hired

  • General Assembly
  • Hack Reactor
  • App Academy

6. Which  online Bootcamps have Money-Back Guarantees


7. Are there part-time coding programs in Bootcamps?

Yes, all the above-mentioned Bootcamps have both full-time and part-time online classes

8. Can one get a job after learning coding in Bootcamp?

It is very possible to get employed after graduating from an online coding Bootcamp. The above-listed best online coding Bootcamps have a high job placement rate which means most of their graduates get employed.

Conclusion: Best Online Coding Bootcamp for Job Placement

Are you a student who wants to get into the tech industry? The above top-rated online Bootcamps can jump-start your career in the ever-changing technology industry. As you look forward to learning coding hope one of the above Bootcamp will meet your needs. All the best.


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