County Secondary Schools in Vihiga County

County Secondary Schools in Vihiga County: Today we are going to look at County Secondary Schools in Vihiga County. There are a number of good Secondary Schools funded and approved by the Ministry of Education.

County Secondary Schools in Vihiga County

Centre Code      Name of School                                Type

38604104            Chavavo Sec                                       Mixed

38604106             Kegoye Boys                                       Boys

38604108            Mbihi Friends Girls                          Girls

38618102            Ebunangwe Boys                              Boys

38618105            Ebusiratsi Girls                                   Girls

38618109            Kilingili Girls                                        Girls

38618205            Esalwa Boys                                        Boys

38619104            St. Anne’s Buyangu                          Girls

38619109            Friends Sch.Munzatsi                      Mixed

38619205            Friends School Muhudu                 Mixed

38619207             Imusutsu Mixed Sec.                      Mixed

38619212            Kaimosi Demonstration                 Mixed

38622101            Busali Union Boys                            Boys

38622104            Chamakanga Girls                            Girls

38622105            Gahumbwa Girls                               Girls

38622107            Kigama Boys                                       Boys

38622113            Ikobero Girls                                      Girls

38622204            Bukulunya Mixed                             Mixed

38633203            Ebwali Secondary School               Mixed

38633211            Ekwanda Secondary Sch.               Boys

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