County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County

County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County: Kisumu County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Kisumu, find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County

Dr Aloo Gumbi Sec School                                      Mixed Boarding

Huma Girls Secondary School                               Boarding Girls

St Mark’s Secondary School -Obambo                Mixed Day And Boarding

Awasi Pag Boys  Boys                                               Boarding & Day


Bishop Abiero Girls Magwar                                   Boarding Girls

Kibos Prison Primary School                                   Day

Kochogo High School                                                  Mixed Day And Boarding

Magwar Model Boys Secondary School               Boarding Boys

Masogo Mixed Secondary School                          Mixed Boarding And Day

Ndiru Mixed Secondary School                             Mixed Boarding

Nyadundo Primary School                                       Mixed Day

Nyakoko Primary School                                           Day

Nyalenya Primary School                                         Mixed Day

Oren Mixed Sec School                                              Day

Pawteng Primary School                                          Day

Ridore Ack Mixed Secondary School                     Mixed Boarding

Rita Ramula Girls Secschool                                    Boarding Girls

St Alex Ayucha Mixed Secondary School             Day

Thurgem Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed Boarding

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Tonde                                                                               Day

Withur Boys Secondary School                              Boarding Boys

Magunga Secondary School                                      Mixed Boarding

Nyakach Olembo Boys High                                     Boarding/Day Boys

Kisumu Day And Boarding High School                   Day And Boarding Boys

Muhuroni  Sec School                                                  Mixed Boarding

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