County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County

Looking for County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County? Today we are going to look at County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County.

County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County

Dr Aloo Gumbi Sec School                                      Mixed Boarding

Huma Girls Secondary School                               Boarding Girls

St Mark’s Secondary School -Obambo                Mixed Day And Boarding

Awasi Pag Boys  Boys                                                  Boarding & Day

County Secondary Schools in Kisumu County

Bishop Abiero Girls Magwar                                   Boarding Girls

Kibos Prison Primary School                                   Day

Kochogo High School                                                  Mixed Day And Boarding

Magwar Model Boys Secondary School               Boarding Boys

Masogo Mixed Secondary School                          Mixed Boarding And Day

Ndiru Mixed Secondary School                             Mixed Boarding

Nyadundo Primary School                                       Mixed Day

Nyakoko Primary School                                           Day

Nyalenya Primary School                                         Mixed Day

Oren Mixed Sec School                                              Day

Pawteng Primary School                                          Day

Ridore Ack Mixed Secondary School                     Mixed Boarding

Rita Ramula Girls Secschool                                    Boarding Girls

St Alex Ayucha Mixed Secondary School             Day

Thurgem Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed Boarding

Tonde                                                                               Day

Withur Boys Secondary School                              Boarding Boys

Magunga Secondary School                                      Mixed Boarding

Nyakach Olembo Boys High                                     Boarding/Day Boys

Kisumu Day And Boarding High School                   Day And Boarding Boys

Muhuroni  Sec School                                                  Mixed Boarding


Extra County Schools in Kisumu County

Cluster 1

Achego Girls Secondary  School  Girls       C1

Chulaimbo Secondary School      Boys      C1

Kisumu Boys High School              Boys      C1

Koru Girls Secondary School        Girls       C1

Nyabondo High School                   Boys      C1

Nyakach Girls’ High School           Girls       C1

Onjiko High School                          Boys      C1

Sigoti Complex Girls Secondary School    Girls       C1

Thurdibuoro Mixed Secondary School     Mixed   C1

Cluster 2

Ack Rae Girls High School              Girls       C2

Ahero Girls Secondary School     Girls       C2

Ngere High School                           Boys      C2

Otieno Oyoo Secondary School  Boys      C2

Sinyolo Girls Secondary School   Girls       C2

St. Barnabas Girls’ Secondary School        Girls       C2

Cluster 3

Migingo Girls Secondary School Girls       C3

Miwani Secondary School             Boys      C3

St. Stephen’s Menara Secondary School Boys      C3

St.Teresa’s Girls Secondary School            Girls       C3

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National Schools in  Kisumu County                             

Maseno School

Kisumu Girls

Sub County Secondary School in Kisumu County              

A.I.C Olago Aluoch Alara Girls Secondary               Girls

Abwao Mixed Secondary School               Mixed

Aduong Monge Secondary School            Mixed

Agai Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed

Alendu Secondary School                            Mixed

Alungo Mixed Secondary School               Mixed

Alwala Mixed Secondary School                                Mixed

Anding’o Opanga Secondary School        Mixed

Apoko Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Apondo Kasaye Secondary School            Mixed

Apondo Mixed Day Secondary School     Mixed

Archbishop Okoth Secondary School – Ochoria  Mixed

Arombo Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Asol Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed

Awasi P.A.G. Girls’ Secondary School      Girls

Ayiecho Nyatao Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Bar Korumba Secondary School                 Mixed

Bar Union Secondary School                       Mixed

Bishop Abiero Oruga Mixed Secondary School    Mixed

Bishop Abiero Shaurimoyo Secondary School

Bishop N.K.Ngala Secondary School-Obuora       Mixed

Bishop Okoth Miranga Secondary School              Mixed

Bishop Okumu Secondary School             Mixed

Bodi Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed

Bonde Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Bunde Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Cherwa Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Dago Thim Secondary School                     Mixed

Dago-Kokore Secondary School                 Mixed

Diemo Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Dirubi Secondary School                              Mixed

Disi Secondary School                                   Mixed

Eluhobe Mixed Day Secondary School    Mixed

Engineer Owiti Abol Girls’ Secondary School        Mixed

G.P. Owiti Chiga Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

God Abuoro Secondary School                  Mixed

Gombe Kokulo Secondary School             Mixed

Got Nyabondo Secondary School             Mixed

Guu Mixed Technical Secondary School Mixed

Holo Mixed Secondary School                   Mixed

Joel Omino Mixed Secondary School       Mixed

Kabondo Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

Kadero Sunrise Secondary                           Mixed

Kandaria Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

Kandaria Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

Kanyagwal Mixed Secondary School        Mixed

Kanyamedha Mixed Secondary School   Mixed

Kanyang’oro Mixed Secondary School    Mixed

Karanda Mixed Secondary School            Mixed

Kawino Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Ken Obura Secondary School                     Mixed

Kibigori Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Kibos Secondary School                Mixed

Kirembe Secondary School                          Mixed

Kisian Secondary School                               Mixed

Kitmikayi Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

Kobura Girls’ Secondary School Girls

Kolal Mixed Secondary School                   Mixed

Korwenje Secondary School                       Girls

Kowuor Secondary School                           Mixed

Kuoyo Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Lela Secondary School                                  Mixed

Lisana Secondary School                              Mixed

Lwala Kadawa Mixed Secondary School Mixed

Lwanda High School                                       Mixed

Magunga Secondary School                        Mixed

Manywanda Secondary School                  Mixed

Mariwa Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Mariwa Secondary School                           Mixed

Masara Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Mayieka Mixed Secondary School            Mixed

Mbaka Oromo  Secondary School             Mixed

Mbora Secondary School                             Mixed

Mbugra Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Miriu Mixed Secondary School                  Mixed

Moro Mixed Secondary School                  Mixed

Mutwala Girls’ Secondary School             Girls

Mwai Abiero Ogen Secondary School     Mixed

Naki Secondary School                                  Mixed

Nduru Kadero Girls Secondary School    Girls

Nduru Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Ngeny Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Ngere Kagoro Secondary School               Mixed

Nyabola Mixed Secondary School            Mixed

Nyadina Mixed Secondary School            Mixed

Nyakakana Mixed Secondary School       Mixed

Nyakoko Mixed Day Secondary School   Mixed

Nyalenda Girls Secondary  School             Girls

Nyalunya Mixed Secondary School          Mixed

Nyamasaria Secondary School                   Mixed

Nyamgun Mixed Secondary School          Mixed

Nyando Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Nyang’inja Secondary School                     Mixed

Nyatigo Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Nyawanga Secondary School                      Mixed

Nyong’ong’a Secondary School                 Mixed

Obambo Secondary School                         Mixed

Obede Secondary School                             Mixed

Obwolo Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Odienya Mixed Day Secondary School    Mixed

Ogada Mixed Secondary School                 Mixed

Ogal Secondary School                                 Mixed

Oginga Odinga Tamu Secondary School Mixed

Okanja Mixed Secondary School               Mixed

Okok Mixed Secondary School                   Mixed

Olik Oliero Mixed Secondary School        Mixed

Omanyi Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Ombaka Mixed Secondary School            Mixed

Ombeyi Secondary School                           Mixed

Omuya Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Ong’eche Mixed Secondary School          Mixed

Ongalo Mixed Secondary School               Mixed

Onjiko Kobongo Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Orando Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Oren Mixed Secondary School                   Mixed

Orongo Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

Osiri Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed

Our Lady Of Peace Muhoroni Secondary School Mixed

Padre Pio Masogo Girls Secondary School            Girls

Pala Mixed Secondary School                    Mixed

Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o Secondary School  Mixed

Prof. Ayiecho Obumba                                 Mixed

Ragen A.I.C. Mixed Secondary School     Mixed

Rakwaro Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

Ranen Girls Secondary School    Girls

Ranjira Mixed Secondary School               Mixed

Rapogi Secondary School                             Mixed

Ratta Mixed Secondary School                  Mixed

Renja Mixed Secondary School                  Mixed

Reru A.I.C Secondary School                       Mixed

Sabembe Secondary School                        Mixed

Sang’oro Secondary School                         Mixed

Sango Buru Mixed Secondary School      Mixed

Sianda Mixed Secondary School                                Mixed

Siany Mixed Secondary School                  Mixed

Songhor Secondary School                          Mixed

St Albert Angira Secondary School           Mixed

St Ignatius Loyola Sec School-Magadi     Mixed

St Mary’s Nyamarimba Girls Secondary School   Girls

St Paul’s Barkorwa Secondary School      Mixed

St Teresa’s Wawidhi Girls Secondary School        Girls

St. Antony’s Secondary School – Kajimbo              Mixed

St. Camulus Ogwedhi Mixed Sec School Mixed

St. Charles Lwanga Ndori Secondary Scool            Mixed

St. Christopher Ayweyo R. C. Mixed Secondary Schoo     Mixed

St. Cornelius Nyangoto Secondary School             Mixed

St. Cornelius Ramula Odowa Secondary School  Mixed

St. Dominic Bukna Secondary School      Mixed

St. Hilarius Nyabondo Mixed Secondary School  Mixed

St. John Chrisostom Kudho Secondary School     Mixed

St. John’s Lwala Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

St. Johns Ngutu Secondary School            Mixed

St. Mary’s Goretty Oluowa Secondary School      Mixed

St. Patrick’s Obange Secondary School   Mixed

St. Patricks’ Oduwo Secondary School    Mixed

St. Peter’s Kindu Secondary School          Mixed

St. Peter’s Konim Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

St. Peters Nanga Mixed Secondary School            Mixed

St. Rita Ramula Girls Secondary School  Girls

St.Alex Ayucha Secondary School             Mixed

St.Alloys Mayenya Secondary School      Mixed

St.Benedict’s Nyangoma              Mixed

St.Boniface Magare Secondary School    Mixed

St.Charles Lwanga Nyamkebe Secondary School Mixed

St.Gabriel Bar Anding’o Mixed Secondary School              Mixed

St.Michaels Wang’ang’a Secondary School           Mixed

St.Peter’s Kajulu Secondary School          Mixed

Sunga Secondary School              Mixed

Tieng’re Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Ulalo Secondary School Mixed

Usare Secondary School               Mixed

Wachara Mixed Secondary School           Mixed

William Booth-Bar Kawarinda Mixed Day Secondary Sc   Mixed

Xaverian Secondary School         Mixed

Ndori Bc. Mixed Secondary School        Mixed

Olwalo Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Oremo Mixed Secondary School             Mixed

Pawtenge Secondary School    Mixed

St Aloys Gem Secondary School              Mixed

St.Lawrence Kogola Secondary School Mixed

Urudi Mixed Secondary School               Mixed

Top schools in Kisumu County

These are the best performing schools in Kisumu county

Maseno School

Kisumu Girls

Kisumu Boys High School

Ahero Girls Secondary School

Koru Girls Secondary School

Achego Girls Secondary  School

Chulaimbo Secondary School

Nyabondo High School

Nyakach Girls’ High School

Onjiko High School