Extra County Schools in Vihiga County

Extra County Schools in Vihiga County: You will find many good schools in Vihiga County. Below is a list of extra schools funded and managed by the government. These public schools were previously referred to as provincial schools and others were on the list of district schools. These schools are either in clusters 1,2 or 3.

Extra County Schools in Vihiga County

Centre Code       Name of School                                Type

38604102            Mudavadi Girls Madzuu                 Girls

38604107            Madira Girls                                        Girls

38604109            St. Clare’s Maragoli G.                    Girls

38618201            Emusire Boys                                     Boys

38619101            Goibei Girl’s High Sch.                    Girls

38619102            Nyangori Boys                                   Boys

38619103            Friends Tigoi Girls’                           Girls

38619201            Friends Kaimosi Girls                       Girls

38619202            Friends Sch. Senende                     Boys

38619203            Friends Kaimosi Boys                      Boys

38619204            St. Pauls Erusui Girls                        Girls

38622102            Moi Vokoli Girls                                Girls

38622202            Mbale Boys                                         Boys

38622203            Keveye Girls                                       Girls

38622207            Igunga Girls                                        Girls

38633202            Ebubayi Sec.                                       Mixed

38633204            Hobunaka Boys                                 Boys

38633205            Ibubi Girls                                            Girls

38633210            Ebusakami Girls Sec.                       Girls

38604101            Friends School Vihiga                    Boys

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Best Secondary Schools in Vihiga County

Bunyore Girls High Girls

Chavakali High

Keveye Girls

Mudavadi Girls Madzuu

Friends Kaimosi Boys

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