County Secondary Schools in Kirinyaga County

County Secondary Schools in Kirinyaga County:  Kirinyaga County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Kirinyaga, find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Kirinyaga County

School Code   Name of the School               Type

09203407            St Agnes Girls, Kiranja Sec.           Girls

09203408            Karia Sec                                              Boys

09203409            Kagumo Girls Sec                              Girls

09203431            St. Agatha Kanyekiini Girls            Girls

09222102            Mutige Boys                                       Boys

09222205            St. Marks Thumaita Girls (Thumaita East) Girls

09222305            St. Anns Gituba                                 Girls

09222306            Kiamugumo Girls                              Girls

09223106            Gathambi Girls                                  Girls

09223201            Kibirigwi Girls                                     Girls

09224104            Wang’uru Girls                                  Girls

09224203            Murinduko Boys                               Boys

09224204            St. Trizas Kutus Girls                        Girls

09239102            Dr.Babla Kangaru Girls                   Girls

09239106            St. Mary’s Kagio Boys                      Boys

09239109            Mwea Boys                                         Boys

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