County Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County

County Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County: Every parent or student’s dream is to attend the best county Secondary Schools that provide quality education. Today we are going to look at County Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County.

There are a good number of Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County

County Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County

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County Secondary Schools in Nyandarua County

Name of School                                            Type

Munyaka sec school                                      Mixed boarding/day.

Bongo Girls High School                               Boarding Girls.

Kipipiri School                                                   Boarding Boys.

Miharati boys secondary school                Boarding Boys.

Kalou Secondary school                                Mixed Boarding.

Salient high school                                         Mixed Boarding.

Ngaindeithia Secondary School                 Mixed Boarding.

Mukoe sec school                                          Day.

Shamat girls high school                               Boarding Girls.

Muruaki secondary                                        boarding boys.

Mwenda andu secondary school

Kimuri secondary school                              Mixed Boarding.

Mkungi sec school                                         Boarding Boys.


Extra County Schools in Nyandarua


School Name                                                     Type                      Cluster

Cluster 1 

Nyahururu high school                                   Boys                      C1

Mt kinangop girls’ secondary school        Girls                       C1

Wanjohi secondary school                           Girls                       C1

Njabini boys high school                                Boys                      C1

Cluster 2 

Magumu high school                                      Boys                      C2

Nyakiambi girls secondary school              Girls                       C2

Cluster 3

Ndaragwa girls                                                   Girls                       C3

Leshau boys secondary school                    Boys                      C3

Magomano secondary school                     Girls                       C3

Kangui secondary school                               Boys                      C3


Best secondary schools in Nyandarua 

These are the Top Secondary schools in Nyandarua County

Kirima Girls

Nyandarua High School

Nyahururu high school

Mt kinangop girls’ secondary school

Wanjohi secondary school

Njabini boys high school

National schools in Nyandarua County

Kirima Girls

Nyandarua High School

Sub-county schools in Nyandarua

School  name                                                                     type      

Kambaa technical secondary school                         mixed

Irigithathi secondary school                                       mixed

Murichu secondary school                                          mixed

karago  – ini secondary school                                  mixed

pondo secondary school                                               mixed

githunguchu secondary school.                                  mixed

raichiri secondary school                                            mixed

kagondo secondary school                                          mixed

simbara secondary school                                            girls

mathingira girls secondary school                             mixed

lake olbollosat secondary school                               mixed

baari secondary school                                                  mixed

kihara secondary school                                                 mixed

kaheho  day mixed secondary school                      mixed

uruku secondary school                                                 mixed

kiriogo secondary school                                               mixed

ndivai secondary school                                                 mixed

mung’etho secondary school                                      boys

ndaragwa boys high school                                          mixed

mbuyu secondary school                                             mixed

kirera secondary school                                                 mixed

wangui secondary school                                              mixed

mwihangia secondary school                                     mixed

kitogo secondary school                                                 mixed

nandarasi secondary school                                         mixed

rugongo mixed day secondary school                      mixed

ndunyu njeru secondary school                                 mixed

mekaro secondary school                                            mixed

kinja secondary school                                                   mixed

gathara secondary school                                             mixed

mutamaiyu secondary school                                      mixed

mwiteithia secondary school                                       mixed

kihumbu secondary school                                           mixed

murungaru secondary school                                     mixed

st.michael faru secondary school                               mixed

kirarwa secondary school                                             mixed

kiambariki secondary school                                        mixed

aberdare ranges secondary school                            mixed

thindi highstar secondary school                               mixed

raitha secondary school                                                 mixed

muti-ini secondary school                                             mixed

kahuru secondary school                                             mixed

kambata secondary school                                           mixed

passenga secondary school                                          mixed

manyatta secondary school                                         mixed

gichungo secondary school                                          mixed

rurii secondary school                                                   mixed

mihuti secondary school                                              mixed

kiganjo secondary school                                              mixed

kieni secondary school                                                   mixed

munyeki secondary school                                           mixed

silanga secondary school                                             mixed

gatarwa secondary school                                            mixed

uruma secondary school                                               mixed

kahia secondary school                                                 mixed

mawingo mixed day secondary school                   mixed

githunguri secondary school                                        mixed

mwihoti secondary  school                                           mixed

kamande secondary school                                          mixed

mukindu secondary school                                          mixed

kaimbaga secondary school                                         mixed

gathanji secondary school                                            mixed

weru secondary school                                                 mixed

silibwet secondary school                                            mixed

matura secondary school                                              mixed

ngano secondary school                                                 mixed

ol joro orok secondary school                                     mixed

gatimu secondary school                                              mixed

geta secondary school                                                  mixed

malewa secondary school                                             mixed

satima secondary school                                              mixed

kirima secondary school                                               mixed

lereshwa secondary school                                         mixed

mahindu secondary school                                           mixed

kiambogo secondary school                                         mixed

huhirio secondary school                                             mixed

wanjohi mixed secondary school                               mixed

turasha secondary school                                             mixed

mumui secondary school                                              mixed

marimu secondary school                                            mixed

jura secondary school                                                   mixed

michore secondary school                                           mixed

wanjeri secondary school                                             mixed

kabati secondary school                                               mixed

gatondo mixed secondary school                              mixed

  1. peters mawingo secondary school                 mixed

kagongo secondary school                                           mixed

manunga secondary school                                          mixed

kianjogu secondary school                                           mixed

kimuru secondary school                                             mixed

gathuthi secondary school                                           mixed

githioro secondary school                                             mixed

tulaga secondary school                                                mixed

ragia secondary school                                                  mixed

karati secondary school                                                mixed

munyaka secondary school                                          mixed

  1. christophers secondary school                 mixed

kenton secondary school                                              mixed

rwanyambo secondary school                                   mixed

githinji secondary school                                           mixed

sasumua secondary school                                           mixed

yaang’a secondary school                                             mixed

kageraini secondary school                                         mixed

muthomi secondary school                                          mixed

mucibau secondary school                                          mixed

koinange mixed secondary school                            mixed

kamunyaka secondary school                                     mixed

kinangop gate way secondary school                       mixed

nyakio secondary school                                               mixed

  1. mary secondary school mixed

kariahu secondary school                                            mixed

kiyo secondary school                                                    mixed

bongo mixed day secondary school                          mixed

ndothua secondary school                                           mixed

njabini mixed day secondary school                         mixed

ngorika secondary school                                             mixed

tumaini secondary school                                             mixed

mirangine secondary school                                        mixed

kanjuiri secondary school                                            mixed

matindiri secondary school                                          mixed

sabugo secondary school                                              mixed

ruiru secondary school                                                 mixed

githima secondary school                                            mixed

rutara secondary school                                                 mixed

nyaituga secondary school                                          mixed

kurungu secondary school                                            mixed

wanjura secondary school                                            mixed

kihoto secondary school                                               mixed

gituamba secondary school                                         mixed