County Secondary Schools in Makueni County

County Secondary Schools in Makueni County:  Makueni County has some of Kenya’s County Secondary schools that have been offering learning opportunities for many secondary school students in the county. If you are interested in knowing the county schools in Makueni, find the below list.

County Secondary Schools in Makueni County

School Code   Name of the School   Type

18307104            St Lawrence Nziu              Girls

18307106            St. John Malivani              Mixed

18307202            Ukia Girls                             Girls

18307204            St. Paul Kyamuthei          Boys

18323103            Nzeveni Mixed                  Mixed

18323105            Kikima Mixed                     Mixed

18323109            Mbooni Aic Girls               Girls

18323201            Utangwa Mixed                 Mixed

18323205            Utangwa Girls                    Girls

18323301            Itetani Boys                        Boys

18323302            Kiatineni Mixed                Mixed

18323304            Mulooni Mixed                 Mixed

18323311            Imale Boys                          Boys

18324101            Kikumini Boys   Boys

18324103            Good Shepherd Girls      Girls

18324113            Utini Girls Sec Sch            Girls

18324201            St.Theresa Mulala Girls   Girls

18324225            Mutanda Girls School       Girls

18324303            Gigiri Lions Girls                Girls

18324304            Gigiri Lions Boys                Boys

18325101            Joanna Chase Mixed         Mixed

18325102            Muthingiini Boys              Boys

18325103            Darajani Boys                     Boys

18325104            Kithingiisyo Mixed           Mixed

18325109            St. Mary’s Komboyoo     Girls

18325117            Kasue Girls                          Girls

18325203            St. Mary’s Kinyambu       Girls

18325205            Kisayani Sec Boys             Boys

18325206            Kyanginywa Mixed          Mixed

18325207            Kathyaka Mixed                Mixed

18325301            Utithi Mixed                       Mixed

18325303            Sumbi Mixed                     Mixed

18325307            Kivuthini Mixed                Mixed

18325309            Kithyululu Mixed              Mixed

18335102            St Peter Clavers Kithuki   Boys

18335208            Kathonzweni Girls            Girls

18335301            Aic Mavindini Boys            Boys

18335308            St Jude Girls                       Girls

18335401            St Bakhita Kiangini           Girls

18336102            Thomeandu Boys               Boys

18336103            Kilungu Boys                       Boys

18336104            St Lucia Girls-Kauti           Girls

18336106            Inyokoni                               Mixed

18336202            Ndolo Boys                         Boys

18346103            Kiteta Boys Sec School    Boys

18346104            Kiteta Girls Sec School Girls

18346106            Nduluku Sec School         Boys

18346123            Kako Sec School                Mixed

18346202            Ititu Sec School                    Girls

18346212            Kalawa Girls’ Sec School    Girls

18347402            Kasikeu Girls                       Girls

18347403            Abc Enguli                           Mixed

18347410            Mbiini Boys                        Boys

18347412            Nduluni Mixed                  Mixed

18347504            Mukaa Girls                        Girls

18347505            Kitaingo Boys                     Boys

18347506            A.B.C Maiani Boys            Boys

18347508            Mt. Carmel Girls               Girls

18347512            Kiongwani Girls                  Girls

18347513            Kiongwani Boys                   Boys

18347522            Sa Maiani Girls                     Girls

18348102            Makindu Girls                    Girls

18348103            Shine Star Kai                     Mixed

18348110            St.Annes Girls Kiboko      Girls

18348120            Nguumo Girls                     Girls

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