Extra County Secondary Schools in Makueni County

Extra County Secondary Schools in Makueni County: These were previously some of the provincial schools in Makueni county.  Every parent or student’s dream is to attend the best extra county Secondary Schools that provide quality education.

Extra County Secondary Schools In Makueni County

School Name                                                                                     Type      Cluster

Cluster 1

Makueni Girls High School                                                            Girls       C1

Extra County Secondary Schools in Makueni County

Mwaani Boys’ Secondary School                                                    Boys      C1

Kaumoni Boys Secondary School                                               Boys      C1

Mbooni Boys High School                                                             Boys      C1

Ngoto Boys High School                                                                  Boys      C1

Barazani Girls’ High School                                                           Girls       C1

Kalulini Boys’ High School                                                             Boys      C1

St. Joseph’s Girls Secondary Kibwezi                                         Girls       C1

Precious Blood Secondary School – Kilungu                            Girls       C1

Kitondo Secondary School                                                            Boys      C1

Kisau Girls Secondary School                                                     Girls       C1

Kalawa Secondary School                                                             Boys      C1

Mukaa Boys’ High School                                                              Boys      C1

Makindu Secondary School                                                          Boys      C1

 Cluster 2   

St. Martin Kathonzweni School                                                   Boys      C2

 Cluster 3     

Moi Girls Secondary School – Kibwezi                                      Girls       C3

Matiliku Secondary School                                                           Boys      C3

Mwaani Girls Secondary School                                                  Girls       C3

Kasikeu Secondary School                                                            Boys      C3

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Best Performing Schools in Makueni County

These schools include the best extra county schools in Makueni

Makueni Boys

St. Therese Mbooni Girls

Makueni Girls High School

Precious Blood Secondary School – Kilungu

Kitondo Secondary School

Mwaani Boys’ Secondary School

National Schools in Makueni County

If you are wondering how many national schools are in Makueni county, it is good to note that there 2 national schools in this county. They include

1. Makueni Boys

2. St. Therese Mbooni Girls

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