Extra County Schools in Kisumu County

Extra County Schools in Kisumu County: Kisumu County has some of Kenya’s Best Extra County Secondary schools. As you will note, most of these schools were previously classified as provincial schools. They range from schools in clusters 1, 2, and 3.

These schools are boys’ only schools, girls’ only schools, and a few mixed schools. If your child has got admission to one of these schools, you can be assured it is a good school.

Extra County Schools in Kisumu County

Cluster 1

Achego Girls Secondary  School  Girls       C1

Chulaimbo Secondary School      Boys      C1

Kisumu Boys High School              Boys      C1

Koru Girls Secondary School        Girls       C1

Nyabondo High School                   Boys      C1

Nyakach Girls’ High School           Girls       C1

Onjiko High School                          Boys      C1

Sigoti Complex Girls Secondary School    Girls       C1

Thurdibuoro Mixed Secondary School     Mixed   C1

Cluster 2

Ack Rae Girls High School              Girls       C2

Ahero Girls Secondary School     Girls       C2

Ngere High School                           Boys      C2

Otieno Oyoo Secondary School  Boys      C2

Sinyolo Girls Secondary School   Girls       C2

St. Barnabas Girls’ Secondary School        Girls       C2

Cluster 3

Migingo Girls Secondary School Girls       C3

Miwani Secondary School             Boys      C3

St. Stephen’s Menara Secondary School Boys      C3

St.Teresa’s Girls Secondary School            Girls       C3

Top schools in Kisumu County

These are the best performing schools in Kisumu county

Maseno School

Kisumu Girls

Kisumu Boys High School

Ahero Girls Secondary School

Koru Girls Secondary School

Achego Girls Secondary  School

Chulaimbo Secondary School

Nyabondo High School

Nyakach Girls’ High School

Onjiko High School

National Schools in  Kisumu County                             

Maseno School

Kisumu Girls

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