County Secondary Schools in Kiambu County

County Secondary Schools in Kiambu County: Below is a list of schools currently classified as county schools in Kiambu and previously were known as district secondary schools in Kiambu.

These secondary schools in Kiambu County are either boys, girls, or mixed secondary schools.

County Secondary Schools in Kiambu County

Kairi Secondary School                                                                 Boarding Boys

Our lady of Fatima kiriko girls Secondary School                Boarding Girls

Makwa Boys Secondary School                                               Boarding Boys

Gikindu Secondary School                                                           Boarding Girls

Gakoe Girls Secondary School                                                  Boarding Girls

Gatunguru boys high school                                                       Boarding Boys

Ituru high school                                                                            Boarding Boys

Icaciri secondary school                                                              Boarding Girls

St Clare girls Gatitu                                                                      Boarding Girls

Kibiru Girls                                                                                       Boarding Girls

Mutunguru girls secondary                                                       Boarding Girls

Gathiru high school                                                                      Boarding Boys

Queen of peace nembu girls                                                    Mixed Boarding

Kiamworia girls sec                                                                      Boarding Girls

Kahuguini secondary school                                                     Boarding Boys

Muthiga Girls High School                                                         Boarding Girls

Karinga Girls high school                                                             Boarding Girls

Gathiru-ini boys                                                                            Boarding Boys

Komothai boys high school                                                        Boarding Boys

Kambui girls high school                                                             Boarding Girls

Gitwe girls                                                                                        Boarding Girls

Gathirimu girls’ tech high school                                             Boarding Girls

Komothai girls’ tech high school                                             Boarding Girls

Kabete High school                                                                       Day and boarding for boys

Kirangari high school                                                                    Boarding Boys

Kahuho Uhuru High School                                                       Boarding Boys

Uthiru girls                                                                                       Boarding Girls

Kanjeru girls high school                                                            Day

St Angelas Girls High school Karura                                       Boarding Girls

Riabai High School                                                                        Boarding Boys

Kikuyu boys high school                                                               Boarding Boys

Musa Gitau sec sch                                                                       Boarding Boys

Moi girl’s kamangu                                                                       Boarding Girls

Kambaa Girls                                                                                   Boarding Girls

Kambaa Girls High School                                                          Boarding Girls

Kinale Girls                                                                                       Boarding Girls

Gachoire Girls Sec                                                                          Boarding Girls

Lari boys’ secondary school                                                       Boarding Boys

Gatamaiyu High School                                                                Boarding Boys

OLM Ngarariga girls’                                                                    Day/Boarding girls’

Kamandura Girls                                                                             Boarding Girls

East Ngoliba secondary school                                                  Day

East Munyu girls high school                                                     Boarding Girls

Pauls Gatuanyaga Secondary school                                      Boarding Boys

Thika Girls Karibaribi                                                                    Boarding Girls