TTC Entry Grade – New Teachers’ College Entry Grades In Kenya

TTC Entry Grade

TTC Entry Grade: New Teachers’ College Entry Grades In Kenya A report by Kenya Institute of curriculum development on teachers’ education has proposed new entry grades for people aspiring to join teachers colleges. The KICD report was based on feedback from students, teachers, head teachers, principal and deans of education, education officers and other stakeholders. … Read more

Kiswahili Insha Examples

Looking for Kiswahili Insha Examples? Want to set exams for your class and have no idea on Isha to set. Below are some Kiswahili Insha Examples that you can use. Kiswahili Insha Examples Insha Za Darasa La Nane 1. Umepewa dakika 40 Kuandika Insha yako. Endeleza isha ifuatayo kwa naneo yasiyopungua ukurasa mmona na nusu … Read more

The New Curriculum/Education system in Kenya

 The New Curriculum/Education system in Kenya: In 2017 education cabinet secretary announced the pilot enrollment of a new curriculum in some schools. What The New Curriculum Education System in Kenya will include. The New Curriculum will include 2 years in pre-primary and 6 years in primary. After primary school students will … Read more

How to Excel in Mathematics

How to Excel in Mathematics: Our article today looks at How to excel in Maths. A number of students complain that the subjects involve symbols, equations, and Formula. Below are some of the tips that can be applied to assist in improving the mathematics grades How to Excel in Mathematics 1. Concentrate in class It’s … Read more

High Paying Careers for Introverts

High Paying Careers for Introverts

High-Paying Careers for Introverts: Although high-rewarding jobs may seem showy, it’s not necessarily to be at the center of attraction to earn a remarkable salary. Some careers favor people with low-key personality. This is because such people are able to process information and ideas internally and hence become good in problem analysis and solving. High … Read more

Characteristics of a Good Employee Skills

Characteristics of a Good Employee Skills

Characteristics of Good Employee Skills: To many graduates, it’s becoming a sad reality to see the employers’ look for skilled employees from other countries. Many employers are dissatisfied with the quality of fresh graduate that join their organisation. Recently, some professional bodies such as Kenya Pharmacy and Poisson Board have disapproved courses offered in some … Read more