Importance of General Education Courses

Importance of General Education Courses: Universities offer common courses in addition to the specific area of training. During these sessions students and lectures in different areas are able to interact. Importance of General Education Courses The programmes are aimed at fostering the following A broad sense of self-reliance Society expects any University graduate to be … Read more

High Paying Careers for Introverts

High Paying Careers for Introverts: Although high-rewarding jobs may seem showy, it’s not necessarily to be at the center of attraction to earn a remarkable salary. Some careers favor people with low-key personality. This is because such people are able to process information and ideas internally and hence become good in problem analysis and solving. … Read more

Lesson Kenya can learn from Developed Countries in regard to Education systems

One factor that has led to economic development in various countries is good educational system. Job creation in any country is all about labour intensive industrialization and possessing the necessary skills needed to drive industrial growth. Kenya has a long way to go before it attains industrialization. In order to achieve this, the country will … Read more

10 Habits of most productive students

Habits of most productive students are the same regardless of the school, culture, language or country. Every student wants to be successful and to achieve this, there is a need to adapt to following virtues, behaviors and efforts. 10 Habits of most productive students 1.    Discipline Good discipline goes hand in hand with good reputation. … Read more

Characteristics of a Good Employee Skills

Characteristics of Good Employee Skills: To many graduates, it’s becoming a sad reality to see the employers’ look for skilled employees from other countries. Many employers are dissatisfied with the quality of fresh graduate that join their organisation. Recently, some professional bodies such as Kenya Pharmacy and Poisson Board have disapproved courses offered in some … Read more

Methali za Kiswahili

Searching for Methali za Kiswahili. Today we are going to look at Methali za Kiswahili. You can use them in your saying or writing Isha. A Ada ya mja hunena, mwungwana ni kitendo. Adhabu ya kaburi aijua maiti Afua ni mbili, kufa na kupona. Ahadi ni deni. Aibu ya maiti, aijua mwosha. Ajali haina kinga … Read more