Best Audit firms in Kenya

Best Audit Firms in Kenya come in different sizes and are located across the country. If you are looking for services from an accounting firm or auditing firm you will definitely get one depending on the services you need.  A company that is big may require the services of multinational or large audit firms but for a small company, a smaller audit firm will be okay.

In order to know one of the best audit firms in Kenya, check its registration details on the ICPAK directory.  As a regulatory body for accountants in Kenya, ICPAK registers audit firm and ensure they meet the required regulations.

Best Audit firms in Kenya.

Below we have looked at some of the best audit firms in Kenya.

Top 5 Audit Firms in Kenya.

1. Price WaterHouse Coopers PWC.

This is one of the best leading and best audit firms not only in Kenya but the rest of the world. PWC Kenyan branch is located in PWC tower in Westlands. If your company is large and has complex tax issues then you could seek assistance from this audit firm.

Price Waterhouse Coopers Contacts

PwC Tower, Waiyaki Way/Chiromo Road.
P.O. Box 43963, Nairobi.

Telephone: +254 20 285 5000.

2. KPMG.

KPMG is also another audit firm that is ranked the best in Kenya. In addition to Auditing, the firm also offers other service in finance, risk and management, actuarial service etc.

KPMG contacts.

Location: 8th Floor, ABC Towers, Waiyaki Way.
P O Box 40612 Nairobi.

Telephone: +254202806000;

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3. Deloitte.

Deloitte is another best audit firm, as an international audit firm it has a good reputation for delivering good service to its clients.

Deloitte contacts.

Deloitte Place, Waiyaki Way, Muthangari.
P O Box 40092 00100, Nairobi.

Telephone: 020-4230000.

4. Ernst & Young.

Kenya Re Towers Upperhill.
P.O. BOX 44286 00100, Nairobi.

Telephone: +254 2886000.

5. PKF East Africa.

Grevillia Grove.
P.O.BOX 14077 Nairobi.

Telephone: +254 732144000.

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Best Audit firms in Kenya.

6. RMS Ashvir.

RMS Ashvir has offices located both in Nairobi and Mombasa and across the globe, the firm has well-informed staff who can help you in auditing matters.

RMS Ashvir contacts.

Address/Location: 1st Floor, Pacis Centre, Slip Road, off Waiyaki Way, Westlands.

P .O. Box 349 – 00606, Nairobi.

Phone: +254 (0)20 3614000, +254 (0)20 4451747.

7. Grant Thornton Kenya.

With more than 30 years of experience Grant Thornton Kenya is well known for helping Kenyan businesses with services in auditing. Located in Wetlands Nairobi you can contact them through the following contacts.

Grant Thornton Kenya location.

Address/location: 5th Floor, Avocado Towers, Muthithi Rd, Nairobi City,

Phone: +254 20 240 2975.

The above list includes the list of big audit firms in Kenya and if you require the best medium or small audit firms below we have listed them.

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Best Audit firms in Nairobi, Kenya.

Looking for audit firms in Nairobi? Below we have listed some of the best.

8. Murithi & Associates.

CPA Muriithi James Githaiga.

Electricity House/Third Floor.
P.O. BOX 26713062 NAIROBI.

Telephone: 0721899724.

9. BC Patel and company.

CPA Amee Chalishazar,

Purshottam House, Chiromo Lane, Nairobi
P.O.Box 45931- 00100 ,Nairobi.

Telephone: 3748947.

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10. Ochieng Onyango & Associate.

Italproducts Buildings.
P.O. BOX 56509 0200 Nairobi.


CPA Onyango Joseph Eric Ochieng,CPA Ogola Patrice Okeyo.

11. Ngethe and Associates.

Muthaiga Shopping Centre.
P.O.BOX 63128 00619NAIROBI.

Telephone: 0204050333.


CPA Ngethe Ian Kahiu.

12. Apollo & Associates.

Town House 7th Floor, Kaunda street.

P.O. Box 68290- 00200 Nairobi.

Telephone: 254 20 204603, 254 722-655098, 254 736-656955.



Osano James Apollo.

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13. Kingori Kimani & Company.

Worldwide Printing Centre, Mushembi Road.

P.O. BOX 31234 – 600 NAIROBI Telephone: 722429481,



CPA Kimani Joseph.

14. Hannington & Associates.

CBD- Kimathi House.

P.O. BOX 32600 – 00600 Nairobi.

Telephone: 0723002312, Email:


CPA Oketch Anunda Hannington.

Best Audit firms in Kenya.

15. AMG Kenya.

Baraka Court-MF13 – Off Strathmore University.

P.O. BOX 35070 – 00100 NAIROBI.

Telephone: +254724878710,



CPA George Munga Amolo.

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16. James Aggrey & Associates.

Georges House, Parliament Rd.2n floor.

P.O.Box 73754 – 00200 Nairobi.

Telephone: 0722989425,



CPA Ojwang’ James Aggrey, CPA Erick Otieno Omondi.

17. Kreston KM & Company LLP.

Surveyors Court, Suite B6, Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi.

P.O. BOX 66837 – 800 Nairobi.

Telephone: +254 20 2404880,



FCPA Kimeu George Mutua, FCPA Muchungu David Gerishon.

18. Zaver Patel & Company.

Plot No. 209/1221/2B, Batu Batu Road, 1st Parklands Avenue.

P.O. Box 32480 – 00600 Nairobi.

Telephone: 3744416, 0722818600.



CPA Zaverbhai Ratanji Patel.

19. Aggrey & Associates.

New Hurlingham Plaza, 3rd Floor, Suite D7,

P.O. Box 63030 00200, Nairobi.

Telephone: 2731431, 0733-894291.



Ochieng’ Barrack Aggrey Obungu.

20. GMC Kenya LLP.

2nd Floor, All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC Complex), Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi

P.O. BOX 104922 – 00101 Nairobi.

Telephone: (+254) 20 2000201, 722 33 79 77, 780 278719,



CPA Wangechi Anthony Mwangi,CPA Ndung’u Benjamin Gitahi.

21. Woodvale Associates.

3RD FLR, Pamstech House, 19 Woodvale Grove, Westlands.

P.O.Box 2410, – 606 Nairobi.

Telephone: 020-4446000/4444410/1/4442430/100209420/0794581722.



CPA Yimbo Silas Hosea Ochola.

22. Sir Jonathan & Company LLP.

Trio Complex, Thika Road Near Garden City. 2nd Floor, CGA Offices

P.O. BOX 102711 – 00101 Nairobi.

Telephone: +254724970397, +254-722659528, +256-787190387,



CPA Yego Jonathan Kipchumba,CPA Daniel Kipchumba Birgen.

23. KKCO East Africa

KKCO East Africa is a certified firm in Kenya and has been in existence for 37+ years.

KKCO East Africa LLP | Certified Public Accountants | 1st Floor, Scripture Union Centre, Hurlingham

P.O. Box 46335-00100 Nairobi, Kenya | Tel: +254 202 728 388

The above list has only looked at a smaller part of the accounting firms listed in the ICPAK directory. There are a good number of other Best Audit Firms in Kenya.