100 Positive Behavior Quotes for Students

100 Positive Behavior Quotes for Students


Positive Behavior Quotes for Students is one of the important tools you can’t overlook as a teacher, parent or a guardian. Shaping your student behavior will require patience and constant motivation. At one time your student(s) will face challenges that may bring about behavioral changes either to negative or positive side. Maintaining positive behavior is vital in ensuring your student’s success and interaction with others.

Student behavior is mostly influenced by their peers, social media, mentors, celebrities and many others surrounding factors. For a student whose character has already been influenced negatively, it may be challenging to change their behavior overnight but eventually it will not be overly impossible. Constant motivation, encouraging talk and persistent affirmation of good behavior will build your students’ good behavior.

Below we have looked at some of the Best Behavior Quotes for Students.

Positive Behavior Quotes for Students.

Good behavior is one of the best way to stay away from mediocrity.

A naive mind believes everything, but a wise person considers carefully all what he sees and hears.

The most fundamental fact in life is that in all knowledge, all understanding of life, all interpretation thereof, the fear of God is the principal thing to having good character.

Instruction and rules given from parent will guard your life if only you will receive it.

The guidance from a parent is like a crown on your head if you obey it. Your dad and mum only want the best things for you.

Positive Behavior Quotes for Students

Never compare your ability to anyone capability, you are unique. There are things only you can do. Don’t let what you can’t be, stop you from becoming what you are meant to be.

Your friends will make you or break you. The dangers of having bad company are greater than the benefits.

Watch out what you consent to, even the devil will not lead a man into sin till he agrees to do evil.

Always keep in mind that friendship, easy money, and feeling of empowerment is strong lure to many young men. Keep off!

The greatest disaster in many people’s lives is that there’s so much noise that people can’t hear the things they actually need to hear.

Words of wisdom will come your way, but they will affect your life if only you choose to follow them.

Where knowledge has been continually rejected, eventually wisdom will have the final laugh.

Positive Behavior Quotes for Student’s Success

Don’t be too gullible, often it is the start of a downward pull to failure.

We eat what we baked, drink what we brew. If we sow vanity we will reap vanity, if you reject wisdom and guidance you will reap misery.

Life is hard, it is not what happens to you that is important, but how you react to what happens to you.

The temporary success of the wrong doers should never lead us into imitating them.

The difference between success and failure, between potential disillusionment or fulfillment is often hard work.

The ethic of persistence comes from within and does not have to be imposed by a commander, supervisor or ruler.

Life comes with several rules and laws, so to put up with what life requires, learn how to abide with those simple schools’ rules and regulation.

Hard work may take you to the top, but it’s wisdom and good behavior that will keep you at the top.

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Short Positive Behavior Quotes for Students.

Do good, be good. Kindness is never wasted.

Never fear to walk in the path that makes you a better person.

Let every man be hasty to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.

Your choices are very important, you only become what you choose to be.

Excuse is the first step towards failure.

Short Positive Behavior Quotes for Students

Perfection is not a requirement for greatness, effort is.

Be you own champion, it what will keep you going even when there is no one to cheer you on.

Seek knowledge and choose wisdom, it’s the basis which you become self-empowered.

We all have the negative and positive side, always choose to focus on your positivity.

Don’t normalize what is meant to be great.

To command the attention of the world you will have to be uncommon.

When we water others, in return we also get watered.

Without exercise, every gift withers by neglect and procrastination.

Hard work is generally rewarded, and prosperity often comes to those who work for it.

Beware of hypocritical people, with their lies they can destroy you.


Positive Behavior Quotes for Elementary Students.

Just because you were defeated once doesn’t mean you are a failure. On your way to success you will often pass failure.

It is as much the will of God that a young person should gather knowledge as that the farmer should gather his harvest.

We all have our life lessons to learn. Nobody will learn it on your behalf.

To be successful and become wise you will intentionally have to be self-alert. You will need discipline of body, intention of mind and preservation of memory.

To slumber when there is work to be done is idleness and stupidity, later it will always cause shame to self and to others.

If ever an evil person will be remembered, it will be as a memory that caused pain. Our present path in a right or wrong direction will end either in sanctity or rottenness. Every man and woman can choose if they will be remembered to admiration or remembered to disgrace.

To walk in integrity is to secure one’s path.

At times it’s important to remember that he that can learn, and will not learn, should be made to learn.


Quotes on Behavior and Attitude.

Don’t let the failures you face in life be your setback in achieving greatness.

Be kind to yourself, sometimes write the story of your life with a pencils, so that if you make a mistake you will have an eraser to rub and re-write again.

To have good character will require one to be determined to fight the many wrong ideas in the world. Just because it tolerable doesn’t make it right.

To be become great always learn how to think and not what to think.

Becoming better that you were yesterday is better than being in the frontline and remaining in the same position. A little progress is always better than being in a comfort zone.

Easy stuff may be entertaining but they will never make you grow. Come out of comfort zone and dig out for hard stuff.

No one has ever climbed Mt Everest in one day, doing so would be detrimental. In simple terms: it takes times to fulfil your biggest dreams.

To stand out from the crowd you will often make a choice to learn, unlearn and re-learn.

Don’t be quick to give an answer, sometime holding the question longer gives you a better perspective.

Be yourself and believe in whom you are meant to be, eventually you will attract the right people.

Education doesn’t start or end in school, you will never stop learning.

Don’t be hard-pressed around by the doubts in your mind. But rather be led by the visions in your heart.

If you worry about the things you can’t change, you will never have the energy to create anything.

To be well behaved and have wisdom profits more than the individual, but foolishness saddens more than the individual.

Knowing how to say “yes”, should also be balanced with knowing how to say a “no”.


Quotes on Learning Positive Behavior.

As a young person don’t be puffed up with vain pride of self-wisdom. Always seek assistance from God and from others.

Do not refuse to do kindness when it is within your ability to show it. You may change someone life by a simple act of kindness.

Consistently brings the best results, not because it makes anything simpler but because it improves our power to do better.

Never fear to question what you read, questions broaden our minds to come up with better solution.

Don’t fall a victims of lazy habit of thinking. Use your brain to practice what you have read.

Though it may make you look different, don’t fit in when you are meant to stand out.

If it dawns into your mind, it can become a reality.

In school you don’t learn everything, in fact in a classroom you learn how to learn.

A liar requires a good memory; since the truth is not in him, he keeps saying and unsaying, and frequently contradicts himself.

Imagination is the key to better invention. Nothing extraordinary comes with an everyday normal thought.

Delay is the best killer for big dreams, don’t wait to be fully prepared, at times it might be too late.

In a world where we are saturated with information, its upon students to know how to filter what is true or false.

A person with a big dream is well positioned to be great than that person with all facts on how to make it, but has no dream.


Quotes for Students About Positive Behavior.

At times quitting will seem the easiest way out, but in all circumstance hold on. Your next step move may be your break through.

Some people will walk with you up to the foot of the mountain, to go up the mountain you will need others to walk with you. Never fear if someone walked out of your life.

The person looking at you every time you look in the mirror is your best mentor, just believe in God then in your potential.

Every time you face a problem, remember it is time for you do your best.

Be prudence – self-control and good judgment is the key to remaining at the top.

A life given to impulse and extremes will often not lead to much gain, always display wisdom.

Without understanding, it is possible to have the riches of this world and a miserable life.

The voices around you may hinder you from achieving you goal. Pay attention on what you want to be.

Many get powerful, stay in power, and exercise power through gaining wisdom and maintaining good behavior.

Never undermine good behavior, those who love and pursue good character will find themselves rewarded.

To become great, you will at times face inconveniences, make sacrifices and let go of all dream killers. The pursuit of greatness is intentional, not accidental.

Sometimes a “NO” for now will lead to a bigger room in the future.

To overcome temptation, you will need to get greater things to say yes to.


Inspirational Quotes for Kids About Good Behavior.

Good manners developed today lead into good morals and character tomorrow.

We face the consequences of our action. No one is to blame for your mistake just like it’s not the fault of the sun when darkness come.

Even with many riches there are places only good manners will carry you to.

Never undermine or look down on others, its only acceptable to look down on others if you are helping them to stand up.

Learn how to treat the chaffer and the CEO in the same manner.

If we put our life and our identity into things that disappear, we will also fade away.

To respect others means we also respect ourselves.

When pride arises, then comes shame.

There is great wisdom in humbleness because it identifies the reality about God and the truth about self, particularly in relation to others.

There is great importance and safety in getting opinions and contribution from the various counselors.

We all need each other, no one has all gifts and wisdom, advises from others may help us make wise decision.

Generosity is a virtue that help us grow, to be stingy and to hold on to more than is right is to lead to insufficiency.

To lack understand is to be distressed when our faults or weakness are pointed out to us.

Nothing is so dreadful as to be proud when there is nothing to be proud about.

Truth stands endlessly; since its foundation is indestructible.

The righteous should pick his friends prudently: showing me your friends, will indirectly show me your future.