Average Salary in Kenya

Average Salary in Kenya: What is the average income in Kenya? Does the average salary vary by gender? What is the percentage of poverty in Kenya? These are some of the questions this page will try to answer.

What is the Average Salary in Kenya?

The moment you get your first employment you start asking yourself if my salary is good compared to other salaries. This is the time you start looking around to see who is earning better. Different job groups in Kenya earn different salaries. But what is the average salary in Kenya? When we are looking at the average salary, we only consider the salaries of the working population in Kenya.

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Minimum Wages in Kenya

As of 2021, the minimum wage has remained the same at KES 13572 per month for the last three years. Anyone getting minimum tax in Kenya

What is the average monthly salary in Kenya?

We found that the average salary of low-income earners in Kenya is very low. The average monthly wage in Kenya is about 10,498 shillings.

Does the average salary vary by gender?

The research done reveals a huge wage disparity between men and women with twice as many men as women earning in excess of Sh100,000. It also showed that the number of women in the top pay bracket is rising faster than that of men.

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Over the past few years, the difference in the average salaries of men and women has been decreasing. 

Is the average salary in Kenya increasing?

The average salary is increasing as more and more people become specialized and change in the economy. Inflation among other things causes the average salary in Kenya to increase.

Does the average salary increase as you gain more work experience?

As you gain more experience your average salary increases. The more the experience, the more you earn.

What is the percentage of poverty in Kenya?

Kenya is a country of many contrasts, starting from its landscape to demographics and in addition to its social and economic inequalities. Research done found that 42 % of its population, live below the poverty line.

What is the rate of unemployment in Kenya?

The rate of Unemployment in Kenya is increasing every day, today the rate of unemployment in Kenya stands at 45%.

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What is the average salary in other counties?

Each country has its own average salary. The average salary in the UK is £29.900 gross per annum. Below there is an overview of the average gross salaries in other influential countries gross per annum.

 Country:   Average salary: 
 United States  £ 34.830
 Switzerland  £ 32.139
 Netherlands  £ 30.101
 Norway  £ 29.253
 Australia  £ 28.775
 Canada  £ 27.028
 South Korea  £ 26.649
 France  £ 24.390
 Sweden  £ 24.138
 Japan  £ 22.480