Zuku – Tv Channel List, Satellite Packages, Contacts

Zuku – Tv Channel List, Satellite Packages, Contacts: Zuku tv channels,  Zuku tv packages, Zuku tv free to air channels? We have put together these information to enable you to get the answers you want regarding Zuku TV.

Zuku Channels

Zuku channel list are as follows

Zuku Smart Zuku Smart Plus Zuku Classic Zuku Premium
Channels Ksh. 449 Ksh. 600 Ksh. 1,099 Ksh. 1,549
10 KBC
11 Citizen
12 KTN
13 NTV
14 KTN News
15 K24
16 Kiss (KE)
18 KTN Farmers TV
19 Kass TV
20 UBC
23 NBS Uganda
24 Bukedde TV 2
25 Top TV
26 TBC
28 Wasafi TV
30 Bukedde TV 1
31 TV West
34 Kameme TV
35 Lolwe TV
36 Mutongoi TV
38 Urban TV
39 Weru TV
40 Inooro TV
41 Ramogi TV
46 Times TV
47 Mibawa TV
52 Salt TV
53 Sanyuka TV
54 NBS Sports
55 Kyeni TV
56 Channel 44
57 Baba TV
59 STN
60 Rwanda TV
63 Diamond TV
67 Capital TV
68 Clouds TV
125 BET
102 Real Time
130 TLC
150 E! Entertainment
207 Filmbox
214 Mambo Cinemax
212 Mambo Swahili
229 AMC Series
231 Zuku Nolly
320 Star Life
414 Discovery
415 Discovery Science
416 Animal Plane
510 BBC World News
520 Al Jazeera (English)
530 Sky News
542 Bloomberg
560 Euronews
570 NHK World
602 Akilli TV
603 Fix & Foxi
610 Planet Fun
620 JimJam
630 ZooMoo
640 Nickelodeon
712 Travel Channel
745 Trace Muziki
770 360 TuneBox
830 Universal TV
874 Emmanuel TV
871 Capuchin TV
830 Hope Channel Sabato
875 EWTN
877 Family TV
881 TV Islam
882 JW TV
883 New Life TV
890 Peace TV
891 MBCI
892 Hope Channel Kenya
894 Horizon TV
900 Zoom
901 Star Plus
909 Star Gold
908 B4U Movies
949 CGTN English
951 CGTN Documentary
Zuku TV Sports Channels
320 ESPN
321 ESPN 2

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Zuku TV Packages

Zuku smart plus package channels

Cost Ksh 499

  • 62 TV Channels
  • 18 Radio Channels

Setup fee with 3 Months Free Subscription is Ksh 3,999

Zuku Classic Package

Cost  Ksh 1099

  • 76 TV Channels
  • 55 Radio Channels
  • Local Channels

Setup fee with 1 Month Free Subscription is Ksh 3,999

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Zuku Premium Package

zuku premium channels

Cost Ksh 1,549

  • 88 Video channels
  • 55 Radio channels
  • Local channels

Setup fee with 1 Month Free Subscription Ksh 3,999

Plus Asian Package

Cost  Ksh 999

+25 Channels

View Asian Channels

Zuku Fiber Packages

Zuku Fiber packages offers fast reliable and unlimited internet, high quality TV and Internet telephone. Zuku Fiber service is available in Nairobi and parts of Mombasa.

Package Channels Phone Price
Home Basic

30Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet

61+ Free Zuku To Zuku Calls 4,699Ksh
Home Preferred

50Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet

61+ Free Zuku To Zuku Calls 5,999Ksh
Home Premium

100Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet

61+ Free Zuku To Zuku Calls 9,999Ksh
Home Advanced

250Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet

106+ Free Zuku To Zuku Calls 19,999Ks
Plus Asian Package +33 Channels +999Ksh
Plus Classic Package +78 Channels +499Ksh
Plus Premium Package +111 Channels +999Ksh

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Zuku Tv Local Channels

Find Zuku Tv Channel List below, from Local Channels, General Entertainment, Movies, News and Commerce, Special Interest, Kids, Lifestyle and Culture, Music, Asian, Religion, Sports, Documentaries to Radio


Citizen Television is Kenya’s biggest television station with a strong focus on local programming.


WBS brings to the people wholesome children’s programs, exciting series and feature films, soaps, music programmes, wildlife series, environment, cultural topics, religion, sports, politics and business in English and Luganda.


Kenya Television Network (KTN) is a leading television station in Kenya. KTN was the first non-pay privately owned TV-station in Africa.


NTV (Nation TV) is a leading free to air television broadcasting station covering a large part of Kenya and the region.


Ebru Africa Tv delivers a fresh assortment of unparalleled high quality programmes in the English medium of communication. It is a 24-hour channel that is professionally tailored to a meet and appeal to a family setting.

Kiss (KE)

Kiss TV is Kenya’s first free-to-air quality entertainment channel, featuring an unprecedented collection of programming tailor-made for the Kenyan urban youth.

Baite TV

Baite TV


The station honors family values and provides wholesome entertainment. Channel One, your station of choice


K24 enriches your life by bringing you world-class television that reflects your hopes and aspirations in order to improve your quality of life through news and information that is relevant to you.

Kass TV

The Kass Media Group has launched the first television of its kind in Kenya, a vernacular television station with hundred per cent local content.


Uganda Television and Radio Uganda the current Uganda Broadcasting Corporation was born in 1963 one year after Uganda’s independence.

3Stones TV

3 Stones is Kenya’s latest television station in Kikuyu with vibrant content telling to stories of Kenya, the continent and the world.

NBS Uganda

NBS TV  reveals lessons for creating, nurturing and growing the experience and accumulated understanding of a local television network with a global competitive focus.

Channel Ten

Channel ten – Catch the latest news,comedy,drama and general entertainment only on this channel

Bukedde TV 2

Clouds TV

General Entertainment channel that brings you music, current affairs and talk shows.

Zuku Zone

Channel gives you sneak peeks and highlights of programming content on Zuku TV.

Njata TV

Njata TV is Kenya’s fastest growing kikuyu station with a strong focus on local programming

Lolwe TV

Lolwe Television Network (LTN) is a Luo TV station on the digital platform, with a footprint that spreads across Nairobi and its environs, Nyanza and parts of western region, north rift, coast and eastern parts of kenya

Inooro TV

Inooro TV is a 24 hour Kikuyu language station that will entail a blend of news and current affairs and entertainment. Viewers can be assured of being kept abreast with all the latest news that impact on their lives, extensive on -ground reach as well as credible interactive and opinion shaping talk shows. On entertainment , the lineup shall offer captivating programs ranging from dramas, soaps , musical shows, Kikuyu cultural show, games shows and religious shows


Pwani TV


TV West

Kyeni TV

KTN News

Kenya Television Network (KTN) is a leading television station in Kenya. KTN was the first non-pay privately owned TV-station in Africa.

Zuku Tv General Entertainment


East Africa Television (EATV) is a youth channel that aspires to educate and entertain viewers through live and interactive programs.

Zuku Life

Zuku Life – Is a general interest documentary channel featuring genres like Nature, wildlife, History, Crime, Biographies, Science & Technology and more.

Fox Entertainment

FOX is the general entertainment channel dedicated to the best television series. It features a top quality schedule with headlines ranging from the most recent and innovative series to classic big hits. The genre offering is all encompassing and varied by style. Genres include comedy, drama, science fiction, action, animation and reality. It broadcasts hows such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, 24, Flash Forward, House, Bones and Lie To Me.

Trace Sport Stars

TRACE Sport Stars is the first entertainment channel dedicated to the lives of sport celebrities. It takes a unique behind the scenes access on sporting icons. Has a stronger focus on stars and sport celebrities. Among the programs on this channel are :

  1. Football Clash: A fun exploration into “what makes a champion”. Current and past players go head to head as we explore their lives, careers and contribution from the perspective of their country and how each is perceived by fans in their own land.
  2. Music vs Sport: Footballers, rappers, basketball players dating pop stars, R&B divas marrying quarterbacks – there is a fine line between the world of sport and music. TRACE Sport Stars shows you how this line sometimes disappears!


FX is the “uncompromising TV from FOX. With a mix of quality, character-driven and often unconventional drama and comedy, FX has turned into one of the top choices of TV fans all around the world.


  1. Black Entertainment television brings to you the latest celebrity, music, fashion, entertainment and African-American news.

Zuku Novella

ZUKU NOVELLA is the first ever full-time soap opera channel on our platform that will broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Zuku Tv Movies

Zuku Movies Max

Zuku Movies Max (Channels 200-203): Max shows the newest and biggest movies in our inventory.

African Movies Channel (AMC)

African Movie Channel (AMC) is the world’s first global channel dedicated to the best movies and series from Nigeria’s Nollywood, and the best from the rest of Africa, has berthed in Nigeria.

Zuku Movies Action

Zuku Movies Action (channels 204-205): Just what the name says, high movie pleasure; from Holywood blockbuster to kungfu flicks.

Zuku Swahili Movies

Zuku Swahili Movie channel is largely as the name suggests, a Swahili Movie channel put together by our programming team, the first of its kind in this region and Africa in general.


MGM Channel is a 24-hour global-based network that was launched in 1999 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios that airs movies from MGM’s celebrated library – the second film library in the world, including West Side Story, Midnight Cowboy, The Terminator, The Manchurian Candidate, The Black Stallion, amongst many others.

AMC Series

Zuku Nolly

Zuku Nolly is a 24/7 movie channel dedicated to showing Nollywood movies

Zuku Family

TV Sibuka

News and Commerce

BBC World News

BBC World News is the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC’s) international news and current affairs television channel.

Al Jazeera (English)

Al Jazeera English (AJE) is an international 24-hour English-language news and current affairs TV channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar. *

Sky News

Sky News is an unrivalled, world class breaking news service with a spirit of innovation and a fresh approach to news broadcasting.


MSNBC is a 24 hour news channel that brings latest world news, business headlines, health and sports.


Bloomberg is a premier site for business and financial market news. It delivers world economic news, stock futures, stock quotes, & personal finance advice.


Deutsche Welle(DW) is a 24 hour news and information channel. Its programming mix also includes Business, documentaries, culture, lifestyle, talk shows and science.

Press TV

Press TV takes revolutionary steps as the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.


CCTV News is a 24 hour English language news television programme channel.

NHK World

NHK WORLD TV provides the very latest information from Japan, Asia and the rest of the world, as well as a wide variety of programming, 24 hours a day.

TVC News

TVC News is a 24-hour pan-African News Channel offering a fresh perspective on African and world events. Broadcasting from Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and with offices and correspondents across Nigeria and Africa, TVC News brings its viewers the latest news 24 hours a day, telling the news as it is, with reporting that is as fearless as it is informative.

Euro News

Zuku Tv Special Interest

Aljazeera Arabic

Al Jazeera (Arabic)

Al Jazeera Arabic (AJE) is an international 24-hour Arabic-language news and current affairs TV channel headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

France 24 (Arabic)

Watch the latest news, reports,live shows and all special features from around the world in Arabic.

TV5 Monde Afrique

FRANCE 24 gives a French perspective to international current events through diversity of opinions, debate and confrontation of viewpoints.

France 24 (French)

FRANCE 24 gives a French perspective to international current events through diversity of opinions, debate and confrontation of viewpoints.

Vox Africa

Vox Africa is the 1st Pan-African bilingual and independent general entertainment TV channel.

CCTV-4 (Chinese)

CCTV 4 is 24-hour Mandarin Chinese language television programme service, including news, series and variety of programming.

TV9 Kannada

Watch the latest entertainment serials, analysis of major news events, social programmes, interviews and film programmes in Telugu.

Universal TV


BVN, is a satellite and cable television channel providing Dutch and Flemish public-service television to viewers around the world.

Zuku Tv Kids

Zuku Kids

Join our magical world of Zuku Kids with adventurous and entertaining animations like Zula Patrol, Angela Anaconda, Skunk Fui,SuperMario, Fleabag Monkey Face,Saladin and many more


BabyTV  is a 24/7 channel for babies and toddlers.

Duck TV

Duck TV has the newest cartoons and mini-series originally produced with fresh creative visions.


JimJam is a TV channel created for pre-school kids. JimJam features classic children’s television shows, sing-a-long fun, puppets, animation and story-telling.


Nickelodeon is an United States American Children’s television owned by Viacom and operated under its Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group.

Smile of a Child


Zuku Tv Lifestyle and Culture


Glam is a blend of female-skewed content and is Zuku’s flagship General Entertainment channel targeting ladies aged between 18-45 years.

Fashion One HD

An international fashion and entertainment channel that focuses on beauty, glamour, style and luxury.

Fashion One

An international fashion and entertainment channel that focuses on beauty, glamour, style and luxury.

Luxe.TV HD

LUXE.TV is the worldwide dedicated to luxury and lifestyle, which broadcasts 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7 programs in HD.

Ginx TV

Ginx is your online portal into the world’s first international video game TV channel. Be a part of the Ginx revolution and get involved!

Fine Living Network

FLN is a new lifestyle television channel that showcases world-renown chefs, innovative designers, fashion gurus and lifestyle experts from around the world.

Zuku Tv Music


Magic TV is a British music television station owned by Box Television. It plays mainly easy listening music videos and is based on the Magic Radio network also owned by Bauer.


Kerrang is a television channel owned by Box Television that plays the best in new and classic rock videos 24 hours a day.


Box tv is a channel with an exciting mix of the very best music videos, talent-led charts, live concerts, exclusive interviews and the finest comedy shows from the C4 stable

One Music

Enjoy, African music,Afro Fuse, Hiphop, Reggae, Soul, Blues, R n B, Pop and many more only on this channel!

iConcerts HD

iConcerts is a pioneering cross-media entertainment channel dedicated to live music. It features the world’s largest library of live music concerts.


Kiss TV is a commercial music television channel from Box Television  the playlist predominantly consists of mainstream Hip-hop Trance Music and R&B.

MTV Base

Box Hits

Box Hits

Trace Mziki

TRACE Mziki is made in Swahili and English devoted to the very best music straight from the heart of East Africa. Four weeks post launch, TRACE Mziki proves to be a real must have channel, with the successful launch of the channel showing the appetite for localised premium content in East Africa.

Trace Gospel

TRACE Gospel is a thematic Gospel channel showcasing the diversity in the Gospel genre which allows viewers to indulge in the best of Gospel music from East Africa and the rest of the world.


B4U Music

B4U Music is a music-themed digital TV channel available on more than 8 different satellites, in more than 100 countries. The channel broadcasts a mixture of contemporary Bollywood, Indipop, Bhangra, and international music. Programmes include star interviews, artist profiles, concerts and chart rundowns, as well as video request shows.


Zing is an Indian music video channel that brings all the latest music videos from bollywood. Its programming mix also includes celebrity gossips, ramp walks, film previews, music launchs, Bollywood partys, and much more.

Zee Punjabi

Programming comes in the form of movies, news, dramas, comedies, talk shows and religious programming from Harmandir Sahib.

ARY Digital

Enjoy the latest entertainment serials,news and current affairs and film programmes from Pakistan only on ARY Digital

Channel i

Channel-i is a 24-hour general Bangla family entertainment channel and has been acclaimed as one of the leading educational and entertainment channels.

TV9 Kannada

Watch the latest entertainment serials, analysis of major news events, social programmes, interviews and film programmes in Telugu.

PTC Punjabi

PTC Punjabi is a 24 hour family entertainment television channel, enriched with religious, entertainment and music programmes for the discerning Punjabi viewer

Surya TV

Watch all the entertainment serials, infotainment programmes, news & current affairs and Social programmesin Malayalam language.

Sun TV

Catch the latest soap operas, game shows, newscasts, and shows of general entertainment in Tamil.


AASTHA vividly portrays this strong heritage of India, for the upliftment of Human life in all its spheres.


ARY Qtv is a most popular Pakistani television channel with a Sunni Islam religious focus, producing programs mainly focusing on the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at school of thought in Ummah.


Madani Channel is an Urdu television channel free of advertising and television commercials, which broadcasts Islamic television programs around the clock.


Zoom is the one-stop destination for exclusive Bollywood related content. With the hottest entertainment news, features, countdowns, music, trends, celebrity interviews and reviews.


SAB TV is India’s best comedy entertainment television channel that brings award winning comedy shows like tarak mehta ka oolta chashma.

B4U Movies

B4U Movies is a Bollywood movie digital TV channel based in Mumbai[1] available on more than 8 different satellites, in more than 100 countries . The channel broadcasts a mixture of classic and contemporary Bollywood films, as well as featuring star interviews, behind-the-scenes documentaries, and movie news. The channel has various licensing agreements with Eros Entertainment, which gives B4U Movies exclusive broadcasting rights to some of Bollywood’s biggest films (outside India at least).

Zee Cinema

Zee cinema is an Indian Movie channel from India that brings latest and library movies from Bollywood. It also brings Celebrity interviews, award shows and Bollywood gossip.

UTV Movies

UTV Movies is a Hindi movie channel. It airs blockbuster Bollywood films from UTV’s own library as well as other major movie studios in India.

Zee News

Zee News brings to you all the latest headlines and breaking news from India.

Times Now

TIMES NOW is a Leading 24-hour English News channel that provides the urban viewers the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner.

Zee Khana Khazana

Zee Khana Khazana is India’s first 24-hour Food Channel. Zee Khana Khazana has several syndicated shows on international cuisines along with food secrets from many regions of India. The channel has shows in two languages i.e., English and Hindi. It features well known chefs from five star hotels, celebrity Chef’s like James Martin, Sanjeev Kapoor and also common household people who come forward with their special recipes. The official website lists the complete list of Chef’s and Shows.

ARY News


MTV India

ARY Musik

NDTV 24×7

NDTV Good Times


Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV is a 24 hour Christian religious television channel that bbroadcasts a range of religious programmes from The Synagogue, Church of All Nations.


The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is an American cable television network which presents Roman Catholic-themed programming.

God TV

GOD TV is an international Christian television broadcaster that transmits the GOD Channel worldwide from Jerusalem.

Family TV

Family TV is the East and Central Africa’s largest Christian television broadcaster and Kenya’s most watched faith channel.

  • Peace TV
  • Kaaba TV
  • Alerth Alnabawi
  • Hope TV
  • Ahlulbayt TV
  • Inspiration TV
  • Hope International


  • Zuku Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Fox Sports 2


  • Viasat Nature
  • Viasat Explore
  • Viasat Life
  • Nat Geo Gold
  • Discovery Science
  • CGTN Documentary
  • Viasat History


  • Easy FM
  • QFM
  • Capital FM
  • Homeboyz
  • East FM
  • Clouds FM
  • Radio Waumini
  • Radio Maisha
  • BBC English
  • BBC Swahili
  • DW Radio
  • Music Choice

Zuku Kenya Contacts

Searching for Zuku Kenya Contacts? Find Zuku Customer Care Contacts below:

Zuku Kenya Head office Location

Gateway Business Park, Block E, next to Parkside Towers,
Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

Zuku Satellite TV Contacts

Customer Service : 020 5200 025
Mobile : 0703 010 000
Telesales : 020 5297 000
E-mail : customercare@zukutv.co.ke

Zuku Fiber Contacts

Customer Service : 0 205 205 205
Mobile : 0732132200 / 0719028200
E-mail : support@zukufiber.co.ke

Zuku Office

Customer Service : 020-5228899

Zuku Mombasa Contacts

Mombasa Town Office
Imaara plaza,
Dedan Kimathi rd, opp Pandya Hospital
Customer Service : 0 205 205 205
E-mail : mombasasales@zukufiber.co.ke

Mombasa Majengo Shop Contacts

Muslim Road, Opposite Sakina Mosque.
Customer Service : 0 205 205 205
TeleSales : 0205 255 255
E-mail : mombasasales@zukufiber.co.ke

Nyali Office Contacts

Off Nyali Road, Above Nakumatt Cinemax.
Customer Service : 0 205 205 205
TeleSales : 0205 255 255
E-mail : mombasasales@zukufiber.co.ke

Zuku Ngong Road Location

Junction Mall, 1st Flr Next to the Food Court


Rabai Road,
The Point Mall, Next to Naivas Supermarket, Ground Flr

Zuku TRM

Second Flr, Near Chicken Inn/Galitos

Zuku Parklands,

Masari Road,
Diamond Plaza, Ground Flr,Next to Farrah Fabrics