Kenya Revenue Authority

This article looks at when KRA was formed, who leads KRA, What are the roles/functions of KRA, Where to find KRA offices and other relevant information about KRA.

Kenya Revenue Authority was formed under the Act of Parliament to assess & collect revenue, administration and enforcement of the laws relating to revenue. Kenya Revenue Authority was formed in 1995 and it started operation in July 1995

Functions/Roles of Kenya Revenue Authority

1) Through the supervision of the Minister of finance, Kenya Revenue Authority collects and receives be all revenue.

2) Administer and enforce the written laws set out to assess, collect and account for all revenues in accordance with those laws

3) To assess, collect and account for all revenues in accordance with those laws;

4) To advise the Government on all matters relating to the administration and collection of revenue

5) Safeguard proper allocation of funds in the economy

6) Protect the economy from unnecessary products by developing adequate tax procedure.

7) Re-allocate resources across all the country

8) Encourage tax compliance


Kenya Revenue Authority is led by the Board of Directors. KRA board of director comprises of following members.

(a) Chairman who is appointed by the President;

(b) Commissioner-General

(c) Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Finance or his representative

(d) Attorney-General or his representative

(e) Six other persons chosen by the Minister of finance based on their knowledge and skill in taxation, accountancy, business administration, law, commerce or public administration.


The Commissioner-General is the Chief Executive officer of Kenya Revenue Authority and his role include

  1. a) The day to day operations of the Authority
  2. b) Management of funds, property and affairs of the Authority
  3. c) The organization, administration and control of the KRA staff


Kenya Revenue Authority offices, contacts and address as indicated below

KRA offices Location Telephone no Adress
HEADQUARTERS Times Tower Building 254- 20-2 810 000 48240-00100
Haile Selassie Avenue
CONTACT CENTRE 254 20 4 999999 48240-00100
254 – 711 099 999
KRA offices in Nairobi region Location Telephone no Address
Medium Tax Payer Corporate Business Centre 2715540 30742 – 00200
Next to Radisson Blu 2717642
Hotel 2715813
Real Estate KRA Corporate Business Centre 2715540 30742 – 00200
East of Nairobi KRA Sameer Park 391099 30742 – 00200
Mombasa Road. 0202429081
Eastleigh KRA Yare Centre 208160195 30742 – 00200
General Waruinge St. 8160197
West of Nairobi KRA Corporate Business Centre 2715540 30742 – 00200
Next to Radisson Blu 2717642
Hotel 2715813
North of Nairobi KRA Times Tower 2817159 30742 – 00200
14th Floor
Haile Selassie Avenue.
South of Nairobi KRA Sameer Park block 0202428950 30742 – 00200
B 1st floor 0770631827/
Mombasa Road.
Machakos Machakos 044-2021348, 756-Machakos
Syokimau Avenue. 2020358
Kajiado Kajiado County 772422939 720-01100- Kajiado
Commissioner Compound
Namanga Road.
KRA offices in Southern region Location Telephone no Address
Mombasa North Customs House 041-2314070 85745- Mombasa
Nyerere Street.
Mombasa South Customs House 041-2314070 90520 -Mombasa
Nyerere Street. 2312338
Voi Potter’s House 043-2030297 644-Voi
Kanisa Road.
Malindi Malindi Complex 042-2130955 587/778-80200
Lamu Road.
Lamu Mkunguni Square 042-4632059 46-80500 Lamu
Kenyatta Road.
KRA offices in Northern region Location Telephone no Address
Meru Angaine Plaza. 064-30713 256-60200
Off Tom Mboya street
Isiolo My Space Building 0774 700100 722 – 60300 Isiolo
Isiolo Highway
Embu Mugo House (020)2396015 495-60100 Embu
Kubu kubu Road.
Garissa Revenue House 046-2102580 Garissa
Lamu Road.
Lodwar Customs House 771952259 483- 30500
Lodwar Town
KRA offices in Central region Location Telephone no Address
Nyeri Premier Plaza Buiding. 061-2030726/8/9 677-10100 Nyeri
Kanisa Road.
Thika Thika House 1437-Thika 067-21705
Haile Selassie and Kwame 30812/21834
Nkrumah Junction.
Muranga Ngeka Centre 060-2030700 426-10200
Market Road.
KRA offices in Rift Valley region Location Telephone no Address
Eldoret Kiptag’ich House 053-2062300 1284-30100 Eldoret
Uganda Road. 2060252
Kitale Trans Nzoia Women 020 -2398707 2673-30200
Plaza, 2nd & 3rd Floor Kitale
Kenyatta Street.
Nakuru Generation House. 051-2213891 270- 7481 Nakuru
Kenyatta Avenue.
Kericho DC’s Office 052-20104 052-21122
Kisumu Road.
Naivasha Jubilee Mall 050-2030085/6 1645-Naivasha
Off Kenyatta Avenue
Opp Kanu offices
Narok Maiyian Building 0770-972346 1161-20500
Narok Town. Narok
Maralal ORYX Plaza 202397073 114 – 20600 Maralal
Maralal Town.
KRA offices in Wester region Location Telephone no Address
Kakamega Telkom House 056-30653 202397073
Kisumu -Kakamega Rd.
Kisii Umoja Plaza 058-30915 746-Kisii
Near KCB bank.
Kisumu Swan Centre 057-2020509 1970 – 40100 Kisumu
Oginga Odinga Road.
Bungoma Moghe Plaza 055-30566 057-2020509
Moi Avenue.