Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya

Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya: Looking for some of the most romantic ladies in Kenya. Personality and character cannot be generalized but views from a simple majority may have some truth in them.

Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya

We did a simple study where 1000 questionnaires were issued to random Kenyan males between the age of 18 to 35 years. Out of the simple research, we were able to come with the 10 most romantic ladies in Kenya.

1. Taita Ladies.

There are many reasons why Taita ladies were considered to be among the list of most romantic ladies but out of The many reasons, respect and natural beauty were the major traits that men preferred Once they reach maturity these ladies are taught how to take care of their husbands. A Taita lady will have no trouble being submissive and the majority love cooking.

2. Swahili Ladies

Swahili women are very social and romantic. They know how to look their best and they will pamper their partners in the best way they know-how. According to their culture, the majority are trained on how to meet a man’s sexual needs. In addition, training is also offered on how to they should behave once they get married. Most respect the marriage institution.

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3. Kamba Ladies.

The reason why Kamba ladies were considered romantic is that the majority are soft-spoken and submissive. A Kamba lady will respect her man whether he has finances or not. They are less money-minded.

4. Maasai Ladies.

Although Maasai culture is not friendly to their women, Maasai women are naturally beautiful. Regardless of their position and wealth, they are very humble and know how to take care of their family.

5. Luhya Ladies.

Are you looking for Luhya ladies for marriage? Luhya ladies are humble and less dramatic. They know how to meet their husband’s needs. The majority consider their family with respect and if you visit Luhya land, you will less likely hear a divorce case.

6. Luo ladies.

It is not difficult loving a Luo lady, as long as you show her love, you will be assured of a long-lasting relationship filled with romance. Luo women have the greatest figure, a feature that was very outstanding to all the men involved in our survey.

7. Mijikenda ladies.

Mijikenda ladies are soft-spoken, many are good dancers and they know how to please their men. They know how to reciprocate love and do the best they can to keep a man happy.

8. Kalenjin Ladies.

According to our simple survey, Kalenjin women were also considered to be the tribe with some of the romantic women. Men preferred these ladies because of their level of maturity in handling love matters and they know how to stick to one man. A Kalenjin lady will be there for you no matter what happens.

9. Nubian ladies.

Nubian women are well-known experts in preparing sumptuous meals. With flexible bodies and great physiques, the majority have what it takes to make a man happy. Right from the time when they are young they are actually taught cooking skills. Once they reach the age of marriage they are taught skills on how to please their partner, elder aunties play a major role in this trainings.

10. Kuria ladies.

In addition to being caring and lovable, women from Kuria land are known to be hardworking compared to their counterparts from Nyanza, Coast or any other part of Kenya. A Kuria woman will prefer to take care of her man, other than spend endless time looking for wealth. Their natural beauty is captivating, unlike other women who load themselves with lots of make, Kuria women are simple.