Humorous Quotes about Teachers

Humorous Quotes About Teachers: Find funny quotes about teachers that also appreciates the great work they do.

Humorous Quotes About Teachers

A good teacher will show you where to look, but not tell you what you should see.

A teacher often hears all sorts of excuses, at times even the dog ate my homework has become a justified excuse to a student.

It’s a teacher who will train the best mind and still celebrate more seeing the billionaire they have shaped in one way or another.

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A teacher who teaches without knowing the names of her learners is just a teacher by profession and not by choice.

Funny Quotes on Teacher Student Relationship

It’s a teacher who keeps going on even when 90 percent of the class looks absent-minded.

It’s a teacher who will move a seat for a learner but still know that the problem isn’t the seat but the student, they won’t just keep quiet.

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A teacher never lacks an answer, sometimes simple “I will research further “is the best answer.

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The impact of a teacher is greater than we know, just ask an elementary parent who teaches anything different than what was taught in class. 

Teachers affect eternity; there is no way to tell where their influence stops.

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A teacher who loves knowledge earns the right and the capacity to help others learn.