How to Get a New Birth Certificate in Kenya

How to Get a New Birth Certificate in Kenya: In Kenya, the importance of a birth certificate cannot be overlooked. Parents with a newborn are encouraged to get a birth certificate in the first six months after the baby is born. Failure to do this will require you get approval before applying for a birth certificate something that can be quite hectic at the time.

The whole process of getting a birth certificate is simple but depending on the person you are dealing with the process can be tedious. Today we have clearly outlined some of the procedure you can follow to get this much-required certificate

Process of Getting a Birth Certificate in Kenya

You can apply for a birth certificate under 3 categories, including

A) Application for Current/New/First-time Birth Certificate (for babies who are not older than 6 months)

This application can be done in two ways:

  1. Online Application for Current Birth Certificate
  2. Application at Civil Registration office across the country
  3. Online Application of Current/First-time Birth Certificate

This application is done using the parent’s e-Citizen account. For you to apply for the birth certificate under this section, a birth notification must have been issued at the hospital. The application is definitely done under the parent e-citizen account since the child is under 18 years. In addition, the application must be done at least 30 days after the date of birth. As you make the online application (currently for someone in Nairobi and Narok) you will choose the pick-up location where you prefer to collect the certificate.  Once the certificate is ready you get an SMS notifying you to collect it

NB: Currently online application through e-Citizen can only process that application done in Nairobi and Narok region. The applicable application fee is 180/=

Documents required when making an Online Application of Current/First-time Birth Certificate

  • Scanned copy of the birth notification
  • Scanned copy of the parent’s ID

Documents required when collecting a Birth certificate which applied online/e-Citizen

  • Paid eCitizen invoice
  • Copy of the online filled B4 application form
  • Copies of Parents ID cards
  • Copy of Birth Notification
  1. Application of Current/First-time Birth Certificate at Civil Registration Office/Huduma Centre Across the Country

To make this application visit the nearest Huduma centers or if you are in Nairobi you can visit ACK Bishop House located opposite NSSF building , off Ngong Road or Hass Plaza 4th Floor, Lower Hill Road.

Documents required when applying for a First-time Birth Certificate at Huduma centers or civil registration office

  • You must have a notification of birth.

If you don’t have this notification it means your child was not born in health facility, since all health facilities issue a notification of birth. To get a notification of birth, you will need to visit your sub-chief’s office. Your sub-chief will register the birth of your child by giving you Form A1 to fill. Once you have filled the form, you will get a notification of birth. For those in Nairobi this notification can be obtained in City Hall or Civil Registration Office

  • Copy of the parent’s ID
  • Properly filled application for Birth Certificate (Form B4)

B) Application For A Late Registration Of A Birth Certificate (Application after 6 months but below 18 years)

If your child is above 6 months and does not have a birth certificate you will need to get approval first before applying for certificate. The approval is given at Civil Registration offices in your county (District Birth and Death Registries offices) or at ACK Bishop House, opposite the NSSF building in Upperhill Nairobi.

Once you get the approval you can fill in Form 3 which is the required form for Late Birth Certificate Application.

Documents that may be required during Late Registration of a Birth Certificate

  • Certificate of Baptism
  • Child immunization clinic card
  • Municipal notification of birth
  • School leaving certificate
  • Parent’s Identity card or passport

C) Application for ADULT Current Birth Certificate (For someone above 18 years)

If you are an adult (above 18 years) who is applying for a birth certificate for the first time you will need to visit the Civil Registration Office in your area or the nearest Huduma centre. Once you get the necessary approval you will filled the require documents.

Documents required during Application for ADULT Current Birth Certificate

  • ID
  • Parents Original ID Card/Passport/Births Certificate.
  • KCPE/KSCE Certificate
  • Baptismal Card
  • For someone who has lost the parents you can a print out at National Registration Bureau printout which can act be used instead of a parent ID

How to get a replacement for your lost Birth certificate

If you have lost your child’s birth certificate or your own certificate visit the nearest Civil Registration Office or Huduma Centers.  You will get the necessary assist, but don’t forget to carry your ID, Parents ID, School certificates or any documents that may support your date of birth.

Birth certificates fee

The application fee ranges from 100 to 200 depending on the type of application you are making.