Slogan On Climate Change

Slogans on climate change: On the 22nd day of April every year, the Earth Day anniversary is commemorated across the world. This is an important day that brings together people from all parts of the world to create better awareness about the environmental changes occurring on earth.

Environmental pollution over the years has brought about numerous changes to our climate and environment. The effects of these changes are affecting every living and non-living thing on our beautiful planet. This year as we commemorate this day we have looked at slogan about climate change that you can use to advocate for better environmental management.

Slogan On Climate Change

1. “Say no to pollution! It is the time to express gratefulness to Mother Earth for her kindness.”

2. “A healthier environment, a healthier people, # time to handle climate change.”

3. “No more “happy earth day”, the earth is not happy. Let us unite to make the earth happy.”

4. “If we don’t change, mother nature will not forgive us, she will hit us hard, #no pollution.”

climate change advocacy slogan

5. “One tree is better than none, don’t underestimate your power.”

6. “The earth doesn’t need a day to become healthier, let’s make every day an earth day.”

7. “The Earth doesn’t need a day. It is time for Humanity to mature beyond symbolism & the first step towards this maturity is to become Conscious that we are living soil. Living consciously is what is important. Not for the earth but for US” By Sadhguru

8. “The earth provides enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

9. “If the planet is in danger, we are in danger. And if the planet is healthy, we will be healthy too.”

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Catchy Climate Change Slogans

1. “It is time to give Earth a better opportunity.”

2. “Don’t give us your money, protect our environment. Once nature is destroyed we can’t eat your money.”

3. “I am broken” cried out mother earth.”Catchy Climate Change Slogans

4. “As we cannot continue to bury our head in the soil, the Co2nsequences continue to destroy the earth.”

5. “After earth, we have no plan b.”

6. “Time to get ready! We march now or we will swim later.”

7. “It begins with me.”

8. “As wildlife and plants species continue to become extinct, the earth is coming for us?”

9. “Humanity is a disgrace to nature, for selfish reasons we destroy homes for many.”

10. “Let’s do our bit & make a difference in the world.”

11. “It’s our responsibility to handover mother earth in a healthier shape to our generation”

12. “Your daily activity can save the future of our planet.”

Climate Change Slogans

1. “Let humanity unite, collectively we can reverse the damage caused to our earth.”

2. “Our actions shape our world better than our opinions.”

3. “If I litter, I am not different from co2 emitter, we all have a role in promoting a healthier earth.”

4. “Invest on our earth, you can be assured the returns are guaranteed.”

slogan about climate change

5. “The earth has been raped badly everywhere and something has to be done urgently because the earth is dying.”

6. “We may not see but we also have roots in the earth—we are walking trees, and the earth supplies everything to us.”

7. “We shouldn’t disturb the balance of nature, it’s already sobbingly telling—stop it, I’ll kill you.”

8. “If we don’t get it right with nature, mother earth has cruel ways to get it right.”

9. “Climatic change is a reality that cannot be solved with fictitious plans unless we take action we have failed.”

Slogan About Global Warming

1. We saw the smoke, the earth is now heated up, it is time to act or we are burned out!

Slogan About Global Warming

2. The earth is hot and only few people are ready to put off the fire.

3. Soon the word “cool earth” will only be in our vocabulary!

4. Soon the beautiful islands will be swallowed in the ocean, stop global warming.

5. If you want the green scenery, keep the earth cool or we will have the dry sceneries.

6. Unless we stop environmental degradation, the earth will soon become Kalahari desert.

7. You cannot be cool and yet you allow uncool people to warm our home.

8. Unless we stop the fire, the earth will continue to roast.

slogan for climate change

9. Once we allow global warming to become a trend, our earth is soon coming to an end.

10. Stop the global injustice to our earth, stop global warming.

11. Without humanity, nature thrives well, but without nature, humanity is doomed.

Conclusion: Slogan On Climate Change

As we advocate for a healthier planet, we need to take action and be at the forefront to fight for what is right. It is not the slogan on climate change or the slogans on global warming that will bring the change we want; it’s the action we take. In addition, these actions could be personal or communal. As long as we live in a better environment our health will also improve and become better. On 22 April as earth day is being commemorated it is important to initiate our own goals to fight pollution, plant more trees, or even organize clean-up exercises. Whatever initiative you choose; you can pick or edit one of the above slogans.