Debate Topics for Elementary Students

Debate Topics for Elementary Students: Are you looking for the best debate topics for junior students? Below are simple topics that elementary students that students can debate.

Debate Topics for Elementary Students

1. Nightdreaming vs. daydreaming, which one is better

2. Between a lion and a tiger which one is braver?

3. Students should not be given homework

4. Which is better to explore, space or deep oceans

5. Outdoor games are better than indoor games

6. Fairytales stories are better than superhero stories

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Kids Argumentative Essay Topics

7. Which one is worse, to be silly or ugly?

8. Would you rather see wild animals in a zoo or their natural habitat?

9. Between an elephant and a lion which one would make a better king of the jungle?

10. Which is the best way to put toilet paper, over or under?

11. Do vegetarians live longer than the rest of the people?

12. Who is to blame for the continued misconduct in school, parents, or teachers?

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Elementary Debate Topics

1. Would you rather live in a country under dictatorship or Autocracy?

2. Would you rather be super skinny or very obese?

3. Is it okay to clone humans?

4. Are electric cars better than gas-fueled cars?

5. Which one is better, a dragon with a freezing blow or a dragon with a fiery blow?

6. Which of the two would favor the economy, abolishing the taxes for the poor or increasing taxes for the rich?

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7. Which one smells worse, rotten eggs or rotten cabbage?

8. If animals could talk, between a warthog and a pig which one could be the rudest?

9. Which is better, living in an urban center or a rural area?

10. Would rather have medical insurance or education insurance?

11. Summer holiday is better than winter break

12. Junk foods are more tasty than healthy meals

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