County Secondary Schools in Bungoma County

County Secondary Schools in Bungoma County: In Bungoma County, there are a number of good Secondary Schools funded and approved by the Ministry of Education. If you are interested in knowing the schools that are in Bungoma county below is a comprehensive list of County Secondary Schools in Siaya County .

County Secondary Schools in Bungoma County

Some of these schools are mixed, others boys only or girls only secondary schools

Centre Code      Name of School                                Type

36602105            St. Patrick Kimukungi Girls            Girls

36602107             Friends Bukembe Boys                 Boys

36602108            Friends Kimugui Boys                      Boys

36602110            Lwanda Girls                                      Girls

36602116            St.Martin’s Mwibale                        Mixed

36602123            Baptist Girls                                        Girls

36602130            Friends Secondary Misanga          Mixed

36602135            Nzoia Sugar Girls                              Girls

36602138            Friends Sango Sec                            Girls

36602151            Kimugui Girls                                      Girls

36605104            Kimobo Friends                                Mixed

36605105            Friends Kaptama Boys                    Boys

36605113            Kaptama Girls                                    Girls

36605114            Chemwesuis Sa Sec                         Mixed

36611001            Karima Sec School                            Mixed

36611002            St. Patrick’s Naitiri Boys                  Boys

36611003            Kibisi Sec School                               Mixed

36611004            Lungai Sec School                             Mixed

36611005            Maliki Boys Sec School                   Boys

36611006            Mbakalo Boys Sec School              Boys

36611007            Mukuyuni Girls Sec Sch                  Girls

36611008            Sirakaru S.A Sec School                Mixed

36611009            Eluuya Girls Sec Sch                         Girls

36611010            Milima Friends Sec Sch                  Mixed

36611012            Friends Naitiri Girls                          Girls

36611014            St Kizito Sirende                                Girls

36612101            Namilama                                            Mixed

36612102            St Stephen Sikusi Boys                    Boys

36612104            Luuya Girls                                          Girls

36612105            St. Charles Lwanga-Bwake            Mixed

36612106            Khachonge Girls                                Girls

36612108            St. Joseph Nalondo Boys               Boys

36612109            St. Christopher Mabanga Girls    Girls

36612112            Sa Kabuchai Girls                              Girls

36612113            Nangwe Girls                                     Girls

36612115            St. Joseph Nalondo Girls                Girls

36612121            Marobo Girls                                      Girls

36612202            Friends School Busakala                Mixed

36612204            Kimalewa Sec                                     Mixed

36612205            Kuywa Girls                                         Girls

36613109            Misemwa Sec.                                   Mixed

36613110            Ndivisi Boys                                        Boys

36613112            Sipala Boys                                          Boys

36613113            St.Francis Makemo                          Girls

36621103            Maeni Girls’ Sec. School                 Girls

36621104            St. Peter’s Boys Nakalira                Boys

36621105            St. Mary’s Sosio Girls’                      Girls

36621111            St. Theresa’s Girls                             Girls

36621115            Friends Girls’ Sec. Kimilili               Girls

36626102            Kaptanai                                              Mixed

36626103            Kikai Boys                                            Boys

36626104            Namwela Boys                                   Boys

36626105            St. Anthony Sirisia                            Boys

36626109            Ndakaru S.A                                        Mixed

36626115            Kikai Girls                                            Girls

36626203            Machakha Mixed                               Mixed

36626204            St. Monica Bukokholo Girls          Girls

36628102            St. Teresa’s Kabula                           Boys

36628106            Mungore Girls                                   Girls

36628107            Kimaeti Boys                                      Boys

36628110            Napara Secondary                           Girls

36628113            Mwiruti Secondary                          Girls

36630201            Kimabole Sec.                                    Mixed

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36630203            Toroso High Mixed                          Mixed

36630204            S.A Cheptais Boys High                   Boys

36630207            Kim Girls Kapkota                             Girls

36630302            Kapkateny Secondary                     Mixed

36630305            St, Theresa’s Cheptoror Girls       Girls

36635003            Chebosi Boys                                      Boys

36635005            Friends Sch Misikhu B. H.              Boys

36635010            Milo Friends Boys Sec.                    Boys

36635011            Matulo Girls Sec                               Girls

36635029            Brenda Girls Sec. School                Girls

36636001            Bishop Philip Anyolo Kakamwe   Boys

36636002            St Augustine Girls -Lukhuna         Girls

36636005            St. Paul’s Sec Sch Narati                 Boys

36636009            St. Peter’s Secsch Ndalu                 Mixed

36636010            Mitua Girls High School                 Girls