The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya

The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya: In Kenyan, you will find people with diverse natures. There are over 42 ethnic groups in Kenya. Each tribe is unique and there are certain traits associated with its people. Even with this difference, there are several things that unite Kenyans as one, marriage being one of them.

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The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya

The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya

The interesting thing about the tribes in Kenya is that there are tribes that are considered to have the best men to marry.

Below we have looked at The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya

The Luo community

In Kenya most ladies consider the Luo men to be the best suitable candidate to marry.  Many are the occasions where Kenyans have witnessed situations where a Luo man makes a romantic marriage proposal in Public.

The Taita community

Among the list of best tribes to marry, you will normally find the Taita men. They treat their women with care and respect as normally indicated in their dowry and wedding ceremonies.

The Kamba community

Kamba men are loving. They are less violent and they would sacrifice a lot for the women they love.

The Swahili community

Looking for a Kenyan man to commit your life to?  Rarely will a man from the coast hit a lady; they take care of their ladies to the best of their knowledge.

The Kikuyu community

Men from the Kikuyu community are great, they are hardworking and know how to provide for their familes.

The Embu Community

The majority of the men coming from the Embu community are considerate and loving. They have a way of raising well-behaved children and they earn their wives’ respect.


The above list of The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya may raise different reactions from different people. The list represents a general perspective noting that every person is unique. Personal choices should not be made based on the general public view.