Advantages of having an MBA in Kenya

Masters in Business Administration has become one of the most common post graduate courses in Kenya. So what are the Advantages of having an MBA in Kenya

Advantages of having an MBA in Kenya

The thoroughness of most business school is to ensure that graduates are able to manage high pressure working environment in the business world.  Business schools play a vital role in contributing to economic development. Below at importance of advantages of having an MBA

Develop Business Managers
Many C.E.Os have a post graduate training in business courses both from the local or abroad universities. The training enables managers to develop skills that are able to drive the business in the 21st century.  A good example is the case of Dr Gideon Muriuki the CEO OF Co-operative bank. He has been recognized by various institutions for his exemplary leadership that has taken Co-operative bank to a better level. With adequate training managers are able to with stand the high demand of big organizations and eventually more jobs are created, more income through taxation and increased investment.

Building Entrepreneurs
Although the spirit of entrepreneurship can be inborn or it comes out of the dire need to be independent, many entrepreneurs are born in business schools. This is because students are able to identify their passion or are able to identify a market niche that they can fill. Recently these business schools are starting business hubs, a place where students are encouraged to present their business ideas and the ones which are viable they are trained and given the necessary funds for a start up.

Innovation and Creativity
Business school should be an innovation hub of developing new business ideas. They should encourage idea creation in respective to the needs in the society. For example they should develop improved ways in trading in stock exchange, innovative banking and insurance, better trade terms and many other business related activities that play a key role in the economy.

Promote Exchange Programs
To be able to sustain development in our country its necessary students in our schools get an exposure of how things are done in the developed world. It is in this regard that this colleges and universities should encourage exchange program that will help the local students have an interaction with corporate staff in major organizations in the world. In return ideas can be borrowed and eventually more jobs and opportunities can be created.

Promote Business Virtues
Kenya is well known for massive corruption that has led to unnecessary expenditure of tax payer’s money. While developing entrepreneurs and business managers there should be a lot of emphasis on important virtues that promote a health business environment. It should become vivid to the mind of every student the effect of corruption and other vices.
Every sector in the economy is important, but for improved development, proper business skills should be developed in all aspects. To achieve these colleges that develops the human resource should help in developing the best minds that can drive our economy to greater heights.