Quotes About Memorials

Quotes About Memorials: When is memorial day? Well, every last Monday in May is a memorial day. We take time and remember our military personnel who have passed in the line of duty. This year as we commemorate the fallen soldiers we have taken the time and combined some of the best quotes to use on memorials day. These quotes can also be used as memorial day captions. As we place an American flag on the graves of our beloved military personnel, don’t forget to share these memorial day quotes.

Quotes About Memorials 

There is a special sadness that accompanies the death of a service man since we were never good enough to them.” Ronald Regan

What the service man gave us cannot be compared or paid fully. Their precious life is what they gave.

To die in defense of one’s country is more than an honorable act, it is a lifetime sacrifice. Shine well our fallen soldiers.

To give up one’s life to ensure that our children lived in a peaceful place is a good gift to every one of us.

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Today is a day to remember how we owe a debt we can never repay. Happy memorial day.

We may never fully understand what the service men gave on our behalf, but they were brave for us.

Memorial Day Photo

Today we stand as witnesses of the love greater than life. Our service men stood as the battle shield, to ensure we lived with no fear.

When we didn’t dare to fight the battle, someone fought and died so we could be free.

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Words alone cannot be enough to thank all the service men who died fighting for our safety and freedom.

Our compassion and freedom today are all indebted to your selfless actions.

While some of us run away from the fight, you run toward the battle ground. Your sacrifice will always be remembered.

To all our fallen Veterans, May God’s comfort always be with those whom you left behind.

Even in the scariest moments, they looked forward to completing their mission.

It’s the love we have for the fallen soldiers that keeps our vivid memories of them.

They offered their lives for good of us and our future generation. 

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Memorial Day Quotes

You left your paw prints all over the hearts of all Americans. Always treasured.

You will never be forgotten. You sacrificed a lot to ever escape our minds.

Although some of you were young, there is no foot too small. You all left an imprint on this world.

To the world, you may have been one person, but to your loved ones you were their world.

As long as we live, you too will live; for you are a part of us. Happy memorials day.

At a prime age, many choose to forgo their dreams and aspiration, to ensure the American flag remained raised high.

Quotes About Memorial Day

A memorial day is important but it is not this single day that reminds us of you. Every time we experience freedom, we remember how you paid for it with your own life.

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Though many didn’t find the chance to come home alive, the hope you created is always alive.

We don’t commemorate you because we have to, we do so to ensure generations to come will never forget what you gave up.

Though you sleep beyond the reach of man, your works still reach out to us.

It is incredible to see the extent to which a man’s actions can go when inspired by love. Happy memorial day.

Tough, your life fell to the enemy, today we stand tall due to your courage.

Let us not turn their death into nothing. Let us play our role to ensure we create a safer world.

Memorial Day Inspirational Quotes

“You served us the best you could, so we will do our best to keep what you us.”

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he is vigilant in its preservation.”

“Your bravery and commitment to us and our country will always inspire us.”

“We will do everything to ensure your courage not be forgotten, nor the greatness of what they gave be lost.”

We send our best to fight for us to have a voice.

Memorial Day Thank You

Today our flag does not fly because of the wind, it flies because our service men never feared facing the enemy.

We should never forget that we have hope for our American dreams because someone fought to their last breath.

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Our fallen servicemen fell defending this country. We must also defend the land against all internal enemies.

Where would America be without the hand of God and the outstanding services of her servicemen?

Our fallen soldiers understood the cost that comes with his freedom. It cost them their blood.

Those of us who have for a long time enjoyed the privilege of freedom often forget that men died to win it.

Memorial day! This is the day we pay respect to all soldiers who didn’t come home. It is a day of serious meditation over the price of freedom.”

Another memorable day to recount the legacy of heroes. Recall their great names and cherish the inheritance they left us.

We are not free until we appreciate the freedom given to us by our fallen soldiers.

Conclusion: Quotes About Memorials:

As this year’s memorial day approaches take time and appreciate all the services men in your life. While we’re taking the time to honor the military personnel who’ve lost their lives, it’s also important to appreciate the serving servicemen. Let them know their services are well appreciated. If you your husband, wife, father, sister, brother, or friend is in the military you send a special gift to ensure they know your love is always with them