Okoa Stima – Register, Paybill

Okoa Stima allows you to borrow any amount based on your pre-determined credit limit. This limit is based on your historical relationship with Kenya Power. The loan comes at a facility fee of 10% and is payable in 7 days.

Your M-PESA account will be deducted with amount of top plus facility fee so there is no delay.

You will be able to register up to 3 meters and tokens purchased/Bill paid cannot be used on another meter except the 3 you have registered.

To take advantage of this great service just dial *885# from your mobile phone.


How to register for Okoa Stima service;

Follow the steps below
•    To start with, Safaricom subscribers need to dial *885# and accept its terms and conditions.
•    You’ll then be prompted to enter your National ID
•    Set your secret PIN after which a confirmation is required.
•    A confirmation message will then be send via a text message
•    Choose continue to register meter/account and select register new then
•    Select either Prepaid or Postpaid depending on your KPLC meter account .
•    After entering meter or account, choose


How to pay your KPLC Power Bill using *885#

Follow the steps below
•    From your Safaricom line, Dial *885# then enter your PIN
•    Choose Post-Pay
•    From registered accounts, select the account you want to pay for, (outstanding bill will be displayed)
•    Select pay bill via M-Pesa
•    Either choose full or part payment, enter the amount and submit.
•    A confirmation message will be sent


How to buy KPLC Tokens using *885#

•    Dial *885# and enter PIN
•    Select pre-paid
•    Select the meter you want to buy token for
•    Your M-PESA account will be deducted
•    You’ll receive a confirmation message


How to request Okoa Stima – Prepaid

•    Dial *885# and enter PIN
•    Select pre-paid
•    Select Okoa Stima
•    Select ‘request emergency top up’
•    Select the Meter
•    Select preset Okoa amounts ranging from Ksh.100 to 1000 and confirm


How to Request Okoa Stima- Postpaid

•    Dial *885# and enter PIN
•    Select post paid
•    Select the account, the bill on the account will be automatically displayed
•    Select Okoa Stima and follow steps