KCPE Science Revision Paper With Answers/Marking Scheme

KCPE Science Revision Paper With Answers/Marking Scheme. The answers are located at the end of the Questions.

KCPE Science Revision Paper With Answers/Marking Scheme

1. The main function of air bladder in fish is to help in

A) Balancing in water

B) Breathing in water

C) Prevent the fish from sinking

D) Keeping the fish warm in water

2. The following are ways in which organic manures improve soil fertility. Which one is not?

A) Improves the ability of soil to hold water

B) Binds the soil particles together

C) Releases the nutrients very easily

D) Improves circulation of air in the soil

3. Which of the following groups of drugs are harmful but are legal in Kenya

A) Bhang, heroin, beer

B) Tobacco, khat, beer

C) Heroin, bhang, tobacco

D) Tobacco, mandrax, khat

4. The diagram below shows a set up that used to investigate the effect of heat on matter.

KCPE Science Revision Paper With Answers/Marking Scheme

The effect investigated is

A) Gases change state when heated

B) Solids expand when heated

C) Gases expand when heated

D) Solids change state when heated

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5. Which one of the following statement about a wind sock is true? A wind sock

A) Measures the speed of wind

B) Shows direction wind is blowing from

C) Shows the strength of wind

D) Works the same ways as a wind vane

6. Eric was a man who had the following signs, wounds around the mouth, and rashes on the skins and vomiting frequently. Which one of the following was a wrong conclusion he made?

A) The man was going to die soon

B) The man may have been suffering from any disease

C) He might have HIV/AIDS

D) The man might not be having HIV/AIDS

7. Acid rains which is a cause of water pollution is formed due to the presence of two gases in the atmosphere. These gases are

A) Sulphur monoxide and carbon dioxide

B) Sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide

C) Carbon monoxide and sulphur monoxide

D) Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide

8. A leap year has how many days

A) 360 days B) 365 days C) 365.5 days D)366 days

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9. Which one of the following components of soil will improve drainage?

A) Air in the soil

B) Water

C) Organic matter

D) Living organism

10. The following are some of the characteristics of flowers

i) Small in size

ii) Scented

iii) Long feathery stigma

iv) Produce fewer and large sticky pollen

Which of the following pairs of characteristics is for a wind pollinated?

A)i and iv

B)ii and iv

C)ii and iii

D) I and iii

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11. The diagram below shows a set that can be used to investigate a certain component of soil

The experiment can be used to investigate that:

A) Soil has water

B) Water has sil

C) There is humus in soil

D) Soil has living organism

12. Which insect undergoes incomplete metamorphosis?

A) Mosquito B) Cockroach C) Weevils           D) Grasshopper

13. Which one of the following is an effect of force on a stationery object?

A) Increasing the speed of a moving object

B) Change the state of an object

C) Change the direction of an object

D) Change the shape of an object

14. The best methods of separating mixture of wheat flour and rice are

A) Sifting and sieving

B) Winnowing and sieving

C) Dissolving and sieving

D) Sieving and hand piking

15. Which of the following parts of the alimentary canal produces a digestive juice?

A) Gullet B) Ileum C) Rectum           D) Large scale

16. Which one of the following factors does not affect the rate of evaporation of liquids?

A) Surface area B) Temperature C) Air movement D) Quantity of liquids

17. Breaking down of rocks into small particles for a long period of time is referred to as

A) Chlorination

B) Saturation

C) Oxidation

D) Weathering

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18. Which one of the following components of soil improves soil aeration?

A) Living organism B) Water C) Mineral salts D) Organic matter


19. Which one of the following information is the MOST important to note when buying medicine from chemist

A) Expiry date B) Date of manufacture C) The dose        D) How to store

20. Which one of the following animals feeds are fodder crops only

A) Lucern, Kikiyu grass, oats

B) Napier grass, bean stalk, maize stalk

C) Rhodes, Kikuyu grass, oats

D) Potato vines, desmodium, starian grass


KCPE Science revision paper with answers/Marking scheme

21. Which one does not pollute water?

A) Shedding of plant leaves

B) Chemicals from factories

C) Over using pesticides and fertilizers

D) Flood due to heavy rain

22. Which is the other name of birth canal?

A) Cervix B) Vestibule C) Epiglottis        D) Caecum

23. Which one of the following is a function of fibre in the diet

A) It adds nutrients to the body

B) It helps in getting rid of undigested food material

C) It helps in constipation

D) It contains water

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24. The set below shows an experiment that was used to investigate a certain property of matter

What should have been done to make water enter the plastic container?

A) Pushing the container to the bottom of the basin

B) Making a hole at the bottom of the container

C) Making the hole at the base of the basin

D) Adding more water in the basin

25. Which one of the following substances is NOT LIKELY to pollute air?

A) Exhaust fumes from vehicles

B) Lead from petrol

C) Carbon dioxide given out by plants

D) Aerosol sprays

26. The number of heartbeat per minute is called

A) Heart beat B) Heart attack C) Pulse                                D) Panting rate

27. The combination of carbon monoxide and haemoglobin brings out

A) Carboxyhaemoglobin B)Oxyhaemoglobin

C) Carbondioxide                 D) Monoxyhaemoglobin

28. Standard five set up experiment as shown below

Which pin falls second last?

A) D B) C C) B        D) A

29. When the heart relaxes

A) One gets a heart attack

B) One dies

C) Blood flows into the heart

D) Blood flows out of the heart

30. Three of the following are functions of the blood in the body. Which one is not?

A) Its acts as a transport agent

B) It defends the body against harmful micro-organism

C) It seals torn blood vessels

D) It helps in the digestion

31. Standard Eight pupils used the following material to construct a certain waethre instrument

Rubber band, thread, inner tube of ball pint, wooden stand, cello tape, coloured water and plastic bottle

Which one of the following weather instrument were the pupils constructing?

A) An air thermometer B) Rain gauge     C) Windsock       D)Liquid thermometer

32. A certain drug has the following effects

It cause one to get deep sleep

It causes breathing problems

It leads to blurred speech

It causes unconsciousness

Which one of the following drug has the above effects?

A) Cocaine B) Bhang C) Mandrax        D) Heroine

33. Which one of the following is an herbivorous?

A) Lion B) Crocodile C) Hippopotamus             D) Lizard

34. Which one of the following pairs consists only of animals that undergoes external fertilization

A) Bat and flying fox

B) Lizard and toad

C) Frog and tilapia

D) Newt and Turtle

35. Which of the following is NOT the function of water in the diet?

A) Helps in digestion

B) Helps in cooling the body

C) Prevents constipation

D) Helps in making blood

36. Thread-like features in maize are called

A) Anther B) Style C) Stigma D) Carpel

37. Which one of the following deficiency disease leads to soft and weak bones?

A) Anaemia B) Marasmus C) Rickets            D) Kwashiorkor

38. The component of air in the atmosphere whose amount varies from time to time is

A) Nitrogen B) Water vapour C) Oxygen           D) Carbon dioxide

39. The following are ways of maintaining tools EXCEPT?

A) Sharpening B) Storing them in a wet place

C) Greasing D) cleaning after use

40. Which of the following statement is TRUE

A) Fish have moist skin

B) Birds are warm blooded

C) All mammals give birth

D) Reptiles breathe through gills

41. A bottle filled with stones do not fill the small spaces between them because stones

A) Are big in size

B) Are shapeless

C) Have definite shape

D) Have definite volume

42. The MAIN reason why compost manure should be turned occasionally is to

A) Allow for fast and uniform decomposition

B) Allow air circulation

C) Introduce more bacteria in the compost pit

D) Make it moist

43. Which one of the following statements about carbon dioxide is NOT TRUE

A) It is used to make dry ice

B) It does not support burning

C) It is respiratory gas

D) It is used in the chemical break down of food

44. The following are vector borne diseases EXCEPT

A) Malaria B) Bilharzia C) Trypanosomiasis D) Typhoid

45. Water is universal solvent because

A) Dissolves most of the solutes

B) Dissolves all solutes

C) Dissoles few solutes

D) Does not dissolves any solute

46. Which component of blood, mineral and vitamin helps in blood clotting respectively?

A) Iron, red bloods cells, vitamin D

B) Platelets, vitamin K, calcium

C) Calcium,, vitamin E, platelets

D) Platelets, calcium , vitamin K

47. Plants that grow in a dry areas adapt on how to obtain more water by

A) Loosing leaves during dry seasons

B) Having succulent leaves and stems

C) Closing stomata during the day

D) Having long deep unexposed

48. Which one of the following pairs of substances would least pollute the environment

A) Gases from factories

B) Exhaust gaese from vehicles

C) Rotting plants and animal matter

D) Smoke from burning charcoal

49. Which one of the following material can be recycled?

A) Ash B) Coffee husk C) Cow dung      D) Newspaper

50. Which one of the following consist of micro-organism that cause food poisoning

A) Virus and fungi

B) Fungi and bacteria

C) Bacteria and chemicals

D) Kerosene and spray

KCPE Science revision paper with answers/Marking scheme


1 C 26 C
2 C 27 A
3 B 28 C
4 C 29 C
5 C 30 D
6 A 31 C
7 B 32 B
8 D 33 C
9 C 34 C
10 D 35 C
11 A 36 B
12 B 37 B
13 A 38 B
14 B 39 B
15 B 40 B
16 D 41 C
17 D 42 D
18 A 43 C
19 D 44 D
20 B 45 A
21 A 46 D
22 A 47 D
23 B 48 C
24 C 49 D
25 C 50 B