How to Choose a Career Based on Personality

How to Choose a Career Based on Personality: Some people never fit in certain jobs no matter how qualified or hardworking they are. That is why you have to choose a career as per your personality. To avoid career frustrations it is important to make a career choice that suits your personality type.

There are many personality test for career you can conduct online if you are not sure where you fit in. However,  for someone who understands their personality below are some careers based on wide personalities.

How to Choose a Career Based on Personality

Every person has a personality that influences how well they can perform a certain task. For example, some people find it extremely difficult to sit down in offices for a whole day, others find it easy to deal with things other than people. Different careers require different personalities and it’s important to consider one’s personality before venturing into the career field. Below we have outlined the career types and corresponding personalities.

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How to Choose a Career Based on Personality

Social careers

Personality appropriate in these careers requires that one should be people-oriented and fun-loving, make things more fun for others, love new experiences, and dislike theory and impersonal analysis. Interested in serving others and one is likely to be the center of attention in social situations.
People with the above personality are likely to excel in
•    Administration
•    Education
•    Law
•    Theology
•    Journalism and Mass communication
•    Human and Public relation
•    Political science
•    Counselling
•    Music and performance
•    Tourism
•    Event planning
•    Modeling

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Investigative careers

For one to fit in this career one should have high intellectual input, interest in analyzing facts and solving puzzles. Enjoy observing, studying, analyzing, interpreting, and solving complex challenges.
Professionals with the above personality are majorly found in the fields such as
•    Medicine
•    Architecture
•    Microbiology and related courses
•    Criminal Investigation
•    Auditing,
•    Statistical analysis
•    Financial analysis
•    Veterinary, zoology, and related fields
•    Computer science and Information Communication and Technology
•    Lab technology

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Artistic Careers

Those who do well in these careers are art-oriented, creative, expressive, and aesthetic conscious. In addition, they are also highly original, emotional, independent, idealist, and introspective and their job involves a lot of imagination.
People with the above personality excel in
•    Acting
•    Graphic design
•    Drama and theatre arts
•    Writing, painting, and poetry
•    Home decorating and fabric designing
•    Photography, Singing, and drawing

Convectional Careers

Convectional careers are highly orderly, routine, and practical jobs. Often those who excel in this career are usually calm, practical, orderly, obedient, and conforming.
Some of the convectional jobs include
•    Accounting
•    Inventory Control
•    Store keeping
•    Bookkeeping
•    Computer operations
•    Secretarial
•    Auditing

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Enterprising Careers

These careers involve persuading and influencing other people. Those who excel in these jobs are enterprising, ambitious, talkative, argumentative, sociable, and persuasive. They easily assemble a group of people together and are able to the group
People with the above personality excel in
•    Sales and Marketing
•    Industrial consultancy and related fields
•    Politics
•    Motivational speaking
•    Orators