Extra County Schools in Nandi County

Extra County Schools in Nandi County: Nandi County has some of Kenya’s Best Extra County Secondary schools . As you will note, most of these schools were previously classified as provincial schools. They range from schools in clusters 1, 2, and 3.

These schools are boys’ only schools, girls’ only schools, and a few mixed schools. If your child has got admission to one of these schools, you can be assured it is a good school.

Extra County Schools in Nandi County

Centre Code      Name of the School                        Type

29513101            Kapsabet Girls                                   Girls

29513105            Kipsigak Boys                                     Boys

29513204            Holy Rosary Girls Sec’- Koibem    Girls

29513305            Kilibwoni Boys                                   Boys

29513308            Our Lady of Victory Kapnyeberai Girls

29513310            Terige Boys                                         Boys

29523101            Kemeloi Boys                                     Boys

29523103            Serem Boys                                         Boys

29523301            Kaptumo Boys                                   Boys

29523302            Aldai Girls                                            Girls

29523307            Aic Chebisaas Girls                           Girls

29523308            Kapkolei Girls                                     Girls

29540102            Cheptil Mixed                                    Mixed

29540104            Stephen Kositany Girls                   Girls

29540201            Kurgung Boys                                     Boys

29540202            Laboret Boys                                      Boys

29540204            Tulwo Girls                                          Girls

29540205            Ndalat Gaa Girls                                Girls

29541101            Lelwak Boys                                        Boys

29541201            Samoei Boys                                       Boys

29541202            Our Lady of Peace                            Girls

29542101            Meteitei Boys                                    Boys

29542102            St. Mary`S Tachasis                          Girls

29579701            Lelmokwo Boys                                                 Boys

29579702            Itigo Girls                                             Girls

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List of National Schools in Nandi County

Kapsabet Boys

St Joseph Chepterit

Top Schools in Nandi County

In addition to the above national schools, the best performing extra county schools in Nandi county are as follows

Kapsabet Boys

St Joseph Chepterit

Kapsabet Girls

Meteitei Boys

St. Mary`S Tachasis

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