Extra County Schools in Homa Bay County

Extra County Schools in Homa Bay County: In Homa Bay County you will find many good schools. Below is a list of extra schools that are funded and managed by the government. These public schools were previously referred to as provincial schools and others were on the list of district schools. These schools are either in clusters 1,2 or 3

Extra County Schools in Homa Bay County

Centre Code      Name of School                           Type

41704001            Homa Bay High                                  Boys

41704003            Ogande Girls’ High School             Girls

41709101            Moi Girls Sindo                                  Girls

41709201            Tonga Boys                                         Boys

41709203            Gwasi Girls                                          Girls

41710301            Agoro Sare High School                  Boys

41724002            Ratang’a Boys Secondary School                Boys

41724101            St Augastine Mirogi Boys              Boys

41724102            Mirogi Girls                                         Girls

41724203            Magina Girls Sec                               Girls

41730102            Tom Mboya Secondary                  Boys

41730107            Nyamasare Girls                               Girls

41730309            Amb Pamela Mboya Girls              Girls

41731002            St. Ignatius Loyola Mawego         Girls

41731101            Gendia High School                         Boys

41731303            Oriwo Boys                                         Boys

41742103            Kuoyo Kochia Boys                           Boys

41742105            Orero Boys Secondary School      Boys

41743101            Wangapala Boys’                              Boys

41743103            Bishop Linus Okok                            Girls

41743203            Dudi Girls’                                           Girls

41743204            Ober Boys’                                          Boys

41743205            Our Lady Of Mercy Ringa Boys’   Boys

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Best Secondary Schools in Homa bay County

Homa Bay High

Moi Girls Sindo

Tom Mboya Secondary

Ogande Girls’ High School

Amb Pamela Mboya Girls

St Augastine Mirogi Boys

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