Best Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County  

Best Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County: Searching for Best Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County? There are quite a good number of County Secondary Schools in this County.

These secondary schools are boys, girls or mixed secondary school.

Best Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County

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Best Secondary Schools in Taita Taveta County  

Name of School                                                          School mean grade               

1          Murray Girls High School                                          7.78

2          Dr. Aggrey High School                                             6.89

3          Mwasere Girls Secondary                                          6.89

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4          Bura Girls High School                                              6.80

5          Senior Chief Mwangeka Girls High School           6.50

6          Timbila High School                                                  6.00

7          St. John’s Secondary                                                   5.80

8          Voi Secondary                                                              5.80

9          Mwakitawa Secondary                                               5.75

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10        Canon Kituri Secondary                                             5.69

11        Moi High School Kasigau                                          5.64

12        Mwangea Sec Sch                                                       5.21

13        Ngami Secondary                                                       5.15

14        Chala Secondary                                                         5.08

15        Allan Mjomba Secondary                                           5.08

16        Bishop Njenga Secondary                                          5.08

17        Mwakiwiwi Secondary                                                 4.92

18        Dalmas Moka Secondary                                            4.91

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19        Mwakichuchu Secondary                                           4.83

20        Mwanyambo Secondary                                             4.67


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