Top 10 Smallest Counties in Kenya

Top 10 Smallest counties in Kenya: As per the Ministry of Devolution information the smallest counties in Kenya in terms of land size are as follows

Top 10 Smallest Counties in Kenya

  1. Mombasa County

Mombasa is the smallest county, with county code 001, its land size is 221.5 (Km2) or 54733.842 acres.

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  1. Vihiga County

Vihiga County is the second smallest county in Kenya. Its land size is         531.3 (Km2) or 131287.0892 acres

  1. Nairobi County

The third-smallest county in Nairobi. With a land size of 694.9 (Km2) or 171713.53 acres, Nairobi county is still the most populated county in Kenya.

  1. Nyamira County

Land size of 912.5

  1. Kirinyaga County

Land size of 1205.4 (Km2)

  1. Kisii County

Land size of 1317.9(Km2)

  1. Busia County

Land size of 1628.4 (Km2)

  1. Bomet County

Land size of 1997.9 (Km2)

  1. Kisumu County

Land size of 2009.5 (Km2)

  1. Bungoma County

Land size of 2206.9 (Km2)